WatchOS 8 beta problems, will they affect your Apple Watch?

Betas very stable overall, but buggy

If you don’t know what a beta is, you should know what they are software versions prior to final release. Currently the latest version of the system available for Apple watches is watchOS 7.6.1, but since June the betas of watchOS 8 have been happening, which will be the next big update for these devices. To be non-final versions, it is surprising that the performance at a general level is being very good, especially when compared to previous years. However, it is possible to find the odd annoying failure.

It is the case of the already classics unexpected reboots. As we have seen in the first person as by reports from other users, these problems are being experienced in different watch models, from the Apple Watch Series 3 that start the compatibility of this version to the most recent Series 7. Although it is true that in the first betas it was more common, in the last one released to date they continue to occur sporadically.

watchos 8

The matter of the autonomy it is also a headache. If already with stable versions of watchOS 7 this was not to shoot rockets, being in beta the battery disappears much faster. Without making a very intensive use of the clock (and without activating the function of ‘Always On Display), a Series 7 can last a whole day from 7 in the morning to 10 at night with around 40% battery. A high consumption having such a poor use, but which falls short when compared to a day doing workouts and having the aforementioned active function, in which case it hardly reaches the night.

Will they be resolved for next week’s release?

Except for surprise, it is expected that the Apple Event on Tuesday will be the final date for the launch of new versions of software, including watchOS 8. Most likely, it will be announced for the Wednesday, previously releasing the final advanced version the day before for developers and those who installed the public beta.

The question about performance will remain latent until then. Taking into account that there has been no new beta for several weeks, it is very possible that the company has been working to make the final version as optimized as possible. Although in light of what happened last year with initial versions of watchOS 7, there are those who are afraid to update. Especially on the older models, since the Apple Watch Series 3 suffered quite a bit with problems such as unexpected reboots.

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