Wayra closes 2022 with an investment of 5.7 million euros

Wayra has just done an analysis of 2022 and has revealed that he closed it with a global investment amounting to 5.7 million euros in 40 startups, of which 16 are Spanish, endowed with a investment of 1.8 million euros. In this way, Wayra maintains its commitment to startups and technological entrepreneurship.

“At Wayra we are very proud of what we have achieved and of the learning we have carried out to be able to improve ourselves year after year. This 2022 we have continued to demonstrate our commitment to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, acting as a safe-conduct to bring innovation and apply the most disruptive technology, through our startups, to Telefónica customers in all the countries where we operate”, says Andrés Saborido, Wayra’s global director.

One of the many sectors that Wayra has focused on in 2022 is health and sports with Indya, the Valencian company that has been in the nutrition sector for ten years and that two years ago made the technological leap to become in the reference application in Spain for nutrition and performance. athletes Iker Casillas and Rudy Fernandez they also became shareholders of the startup along with Pau Gasol.

gaming and fintech

Also linked to the world of sports, Wayra opted last year for Metasoccer, an innovative gaming proposal created by Champion Games, a benchmark Barcelona startup in the video game sector.

Fintech was also one of the key sectors in 2022, where the investments in, the favorite finance platform for the youngest; Accrual, the platform for instant transfers; o Crossmint, the leading digital asset buying and selling (NFT) simplification platform, whose payment API helps its clients orchestrate massive payments programmatically and instantly.

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Within Wayra’s commitment to startups that facilitate the entire e-commerce value chain, Qoala and Rever stand out. Qoala allows users, through a browser and app extension, to find and apply discount coupons online and get cashback at its more than 3,000 affiliated stores. Rever, for its part, has developed software that automates the refund of ecommerce returns and speeds up the return process for online purchases.

Also noteworthy is investment in Haddock, the only software in Europe that helps restaurateurs to improve cost control. With just a photo of the invoices, delivery notes or tickets, this Catalan startup allows documents to be digitized and extracts all their information thanks to artificial intelligence to understand price variations and improve margins. In terms of education, Wayra has invested in the startup Smowltech, which offers supervision solutions to help educational institutions and companies check online exams, strengthening the quality of remote training and making it more accessible.

In addition, Wayra has renewed its commitment to other sectors such as Health, with the reinvestment in Idoven, cardiology platform powered by Artificial Intelligence; Agrotech, with reinvestment in Auravant, a crop optimization tool; or Proptech, with the reinvestment in Floorfy.

It has been a year of investments in Wayra Spain, but also of sales. Two stand out cybersecurity portfolio operations: the purchase of HDIV by the NASDAQ-listed Datadog and the acquisition of Pridatect by the Singaporean, founded by the former CISO of Yahoo and Uber.

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