Wayra has invested 6.7 million in 49 startups during the last year

Wayra has closed 2021 with great activity. Specifically, it has invested 6.7 million euros in 49 startups European and Latin American. In Spain, Telefónica’s open innovation hub closed the year of its tenth anniversary with a total investment of 2.7 million euros in 19 startups, 50% more than the 1.8 million euros invested in 2020 from the hubs of Madrid and Barcelona.

In 2021 Wayra Spain invested in nearly twenty startups that are leading the digital transformation of our society in multiple sectors. Among the investments made, it is worth highlighting companies like Volava, investment made with JME Ventures and Inveready, which offers live and on-demand online fitness classes; Idoven, a health startup invested by Íker Casillas that helps prevent heart disease; Solum, a startup invested together with the Bolsa Social Fund specialized in developing solar stations for light electric vehicles; or, Councilbox, a Galician firm specialized in legal technology applications in which Wayra invested together with Adara Ventures and Abanca.

“At Wayra we have redoubled our efforts to invest in projects related to major global trends such as artificial intelligence (AI), Fintech, health and wellness or sustainability. All these technological solutions now have the opportunity to reach millions of customers and be able to climbing hand in hand with Telefónica”says Andrés Saborido, global director of Wayra.

Invested Startups

Wayra’s participation in the companies helps startups to develop business with Telefónica and connects them with key business areas of the group such as cybersecurity, IoT and data analytics, among others. In addition, startups gain access to Wayra’s global network in Europe and Latin America and to the hub’s community of investors and experts. The startups invested by Wayra Spain throughout 2021 have been the following:

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  • Camillion: The Valencian startup based in the United States seeks to empower teleworking and B2B communication through a tool that allows sending video and audio messages in an organized, efficient and casual way.
  • ClimateTrade: This startup, born in Valencia, has a climate marketplace based on blockchain technology that helps companies achieve carbon neutrality. It puts companies that need to offset their carbon emissions in contact with a large number of proven environmental projects to facilitate corporate net zero strategies and make them more transparent.
  • Councilbox: This Galician startup has developed the first IT solution that comprehensively manages telematic meeting processes (shareholder meetings, assemblies, corporate committees, etc.) guaranteeing their legal validity. In addition, it offers a solution so that public administrations can pay attention to citizens in a virtual and traceable way.
  • Solar Ezzling: Madrid has developed a tool that simplifies the management of photovoltaic energy and allows companies to better develop distributed generation.
  • bellows: It has been one of those chosen for the Batch W22 of YCombinator. Based in Madrid, Fuell offers a digital solution to alleviate the bureaucracy of workers’ expenses, such as the presentation of tickets and invoices or expense sheets.
  • genomcore: Wayra invests again in this Barcelona startup for computational analysis of the human genome
  • idoven: Madrid-based cardiology startup that allows any patient to discover how their heart works to help doctors around the world prevent heart disease, heart attacks and sudden cardiac death. IDOVEN is one of the 99 European companies selected for the EIC Accelerator (European Innovation Council) among more than 4,000 submitted. This will allow you to receive an investment of 6.5 million euros.
  • kubbo: Barcelona eCommerce logistics startup provider of fulfillment and delivery services for ecommerce and native digital brands.
  • Live Link: Sevillian startup dedicated to the development of IoT devices for smart mobility and other sectors with an impact on society with multiple projects ranging from fleet management and security devices to provide connectivity to motorcycles, to the development of an eCall device for motorcycles.
  • Open Webinars: This Sevillian startup develops a technological eLearning platform where they teach the technologies most demanded by companies to programmers and system administrators.
  • Optimus Price: Wayra invests again in this AI startup founded by scientists from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and Retail experts.
  • Rhythm: Capital-as-a-service platform based in Barcelona and Madrid that offers the first line of recurring and non-dilutive financing to the new generation of e-commerce companies, especially marketplace sellers.
  • scenic: This London startup is the creator of Watch Together, a software that allows users of OTT platforms to share video content and chat simultaneously with friends and family.
  • solum: Andalusian startup specialized in developing solar stations for light electric vehicles that uses a unique technology in the world.
  • Unmanned Life: With the support of its Artificial Intelligence software, this British startup with offices in Barcelona allows you to deploy, control and orchestrate multiple types of robots that connect through different networks, such as WIFI, 4G and 5G.
  • Volava: Barcelona startup that has promoted the concept of connected home fitness in Europe with its connected bicycles. Two of its products, the Smart Bike and the Smart Pulse, are already available in the online store and in a selection of physical Movistar stores.
  • watchity: This Barcelona startup offers the opportunity to create and broadcast professional live videos without the need to be an expert and customizable with the client’s corporate visual identity.

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