Wayra invests in Gamium and reinforces Telefónica’s commitment to the metaverse

Wayra, Telefónica’s open innovation initiative, goes one step further in its commitment to the metaverse and Web 3 with the investment in Gamium, the technological startup that develops the first decentralized social metaverse where digital identities are the protagonists.

In the Gamium metaverse, users will participate through an Avatar, which will represent your unique digital identity. This will not only serve to interact, but also in other metaverses and other Web 2 and Web 3 applications. It is a concept of identity that allows the user to be the owner of their data and exercise a complete control over your privacy.

At Gamium we believe that the future lies in building platforms where the central element is the user, allowing them to control their data and privacy. That’s why we developed our metaverse based on an identity that can be used in other applications and metaverses. This alliance with Telefónica is an endorsement of our mission and demonstrates our willingness to go hand in hand with leading companies in this adventure”, points out Alberto Rosas, co-founder and co-CEO of Gamium.

The startup seeks to foster a new way of digitally socializing and, to make it possible, its metaverse It will be accessible in 3D and also through an app. The company recently put a 664-parcel lot up for sale in its virtual world. In less than 10 days he managed to sell more than a million euros in these virtual lands. With them, users or companies will be able to create their own businesses or events through their Avatars, to generate economic and recreational activity on the platform.

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Gamium launched in February the pre-sale of its token in which investors such as DAO Maker, Metrix Capital, Magnus Capital and influencers like Mr Beast or Willyrex, among others. In March, they launched their $GMM token on the market, which is listed on several Exchanges as KuCoin. Gamium today has a community of more than 100,000 people who can participate in the company’s decisions through different DAOs.

Getting Started on the Web 3

With this investment, Wayra takes its first steps in the Web 3 sector. “We are excited to invest in Gamium, a highly talented team in the crypto and blockchain world, committed to innovation and with the ambition to build the foundation for a new, more decentralized internet that empowers creators.” says Marta Antúnez, director of Wayra Barcelona.

A few months ago Wayra launched the Open2metaverse global call, to search for companies that are developing technology for the metaverse, in which 135 startups joined and 1,625 startups from around the world were analyzed.

Telefónica is also developing, together with Meta, a metaverse innovation hub to help speed up device and network readiness. It will provide local startups and developers with access to a 5G lab to serve as an end-to-end metaverse test bed on Meta and Telefonica network equipment and infrastructure.

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