Waze now shows electric car charging stations

The community guidance application has announced an alliance with Norauto to facilitate the search for electric charging stations during a trip. This measure is in place to make it easier for owners of electric cars to go on vacation. It will end on August 28.

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This is an interesting novelty that has just been announced Waze to improve the experience of its users. After adding Apple Music to the app and allowing motorists to find the cheapest gas station, Waze will now guide users to electric charging stations. Of course, this news is exclusively for owners of electric cars.

Electric cars are indeed selling like hot cakes in France and we will come across more and more of them on the roads. And more particularly this summer in the context of departures on vacation in particular. For this reason, Waze joined forces with Norauto in order to offer its users an easy and quick way to find the nearest charging station on a journey.

Waze will now guide you to electric charging stations

Waze therefore adds a new feature to its arc. From now on, the application will therefore propose the location of some of the electric charging stations of France. The community guide app claims to list some over 13,000 across the whole territory. If this number may seem quite low when we know that France has around 60,000 electric charging stations in the country, this is explained by the fact that Waze will only show the most popular charging stations.

As a result, the company worked on its database to determine the most traveled roads during the holidays. The charging stations in question will be visible on the application with the Norauto pin on the map. It will also be possible to directly search for a charging station in the search bar. The system is in place this summer and this until August 28th. For now, neither Waze nor Norauto have confirmed that the functionality will be extended later.

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