We almost see a ceramic Apple Watch Series 5 in black

The Apple Watch models that we have seen since the zero series have been many and the materials with which the cases of these watches have been made as well. In this case a leak of Mr. White, in the popular social network Twitter reveals a Apple Watch Series 5 case prototype in ceramic but black in color.

Like we have a gold Apple Watch, we have also seen an Apple Watch made of ceramic, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. well it seems that Apple’s intention with the Series 5 was to launch one in white and one in black ceramic.

This is the tweet that Mr. White left about this possible watch that never saw the light:

These leaked photos remind us very much of the Space Black stainless steel finish of the Apple Watch Series 5 that he did see the light. The truth is that this type of finishes such as ceramic, gold or even stainless steel are quite exclusive due to their high price and in this case the Apple Watch model with a ceramic case cost close to 1,300 dollars, so We are not talking about a watch available to all users.

Currently, the Cupertino company offers an Apple Watch Series 6 model with titanium case as the most exclusive watch or different from typical aluminum.

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