We already have the first trailer for «the Fight Before Christmas»

At the beginning of September we told you that Apple had acquired the rights to broadcast the documentary on Apple TV + “The Fight Before Christmas”. We already have the trailer for this Christmas-loving lawyer hell-bent on spreading Christmas cheer to his neighborhood.

Apple TV + are not just series or movies. Also from time to time, we find documentaries that narrate historical events or events that, due to their peculiarity, must be told to the whole world. This time we find one of this second type. We talk about something that happened in reality even though it seems like a science fiction movie and deep down when we know the story, We wish we had actually met this person.

“The Fight Before Christmas” tells the true story of Jeremy Morris, aka “Mister Christmas”, a lawyer obsessed with bringing Christmas to his northern Idaho neighborhood. His plan, however, goes awry when the homeowners association he belongs to informs him that his decorations violate neighborhood rules. We could say that Jeremy is Christmas himself and his neighbors were the Grinch.

In the trailer we see Jeremy Morris himself say that he is the “only American, probably the only person in the world, whom he has been forbidden in federal court to decorate since Christmas ». Something very curious in a world with more and more people but at the same time more lonely. Each one to his own affairs and without thinking about the rest.

The next November 26, already very close to the dates of the holidays, we will be able to see the story of this person with an overflowing illusion that all of us, surely, could invite to our homes at Christmas. Surely if we were little, we would be delighted to have “Mister Christmas” as a neighbor. At least he makes an effort.

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