We already know when the first Windows 11 Insider build arrives

Microsoft has not released new Insider versions of Windows for several weeks now. This is because, having tried the latest internal changes within «Sun valley«, The company wanted to exclusively test all interface changes internally so that the news could remain secret. Although, unfortunately, this has not been the case, since we have two weeks with an internal ISO which allows us to test this OS.

Now what Windows 11 is official, Microsoft has announced that it will return to the Insider versions of its operating system in order to continue with its development. Of course, we must take into account some changes.

What the new Windows 11 Insider program will look like

Hardware has changed a lot in the last 6 years, since Windows 10 came to our computers. Therefore, the new Microsoft operating system has changed the minimum and recommended requirements. And this change will be reflected from the first moment in the Insider users, since depending on the hardware we can have a Windows 11 in one way or another.

If we comply with all requirements to install Windows 11 (even TMP 2.0 and Secure Boot), initially we don’t have to do anything. Users within the Dev and Beta channels will go directly to the new Insider channel to be able to download and install this new version without problems. Users within the Release Preview will see Windows 11 as an optional update and will have to download it manually to test it.

If we do not meet all the requirements, but we do meet the minimums, things change. Users within the Dev channel they will be chosen to install the Windows 11 builds, but with the warning that there may be problems during installation and use that can impair the experience or make some functions unavailable. Users in the channel «Beta» they will be moved directly to the Release Preview channel, although they will have the ability to return to the Dev and Beta channels at any time. And finally, users on the Release Preview channel will not have an Insider build of Windows 11.

Lastly, if we don’t meet the requirements, users within the Dev channel may have a very limited Windows 11 experience, but little else. Users within the Beta and RP channels will not receive a single build.

When will the first Insider build arrive

Following Microsoft’s hiatus, Insider versions of the operating system are about to pick up again. As the company states, users within the Dev channel will begin to receive the first versions of Windows 11 starting next week. And new compilations will be arriving, as before, every week. In addition, after the summer Microsoft wants to have a more or less stable version ready to bring the new Windows 11 to all users within the Beta branch.

We remember that Microsoft wants to launch Windows 11 by the end of the year, so you can’t take Insider tests too long, either. You have to fully debug your operating system in the shortest time possible.

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