We already know why Microsoft has not released a version of Windows for ARM processors

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Since the first Mac with an ARM processor was released, Microsoft has always been silent on the possibility to release a version of Windows for ARM processors, despite the fact that years ago, it had released a version that it quickly discontinued and that could only be obtained by buying computers with ARM processors from Qualcomm.

The reason for that silence has finally been revealed. According to the guys from XDA-Developers, Windows based on ARM architecture Only available for devices with Qualcomm Soc, due to an exclusive agreement between the two companies that had not been made public.

Two people familiar with the deal told XDA Developers that the agreement will end soon, but at the moment the exact date is unknown.

When the agreement between Microsoft and Qualcomm ends, the rest of the manufacturers will be able to make computers with ARM chips using Windows, so it is likely that within not long, users who need to use Windows on a Mac, can continue to do so as if they had an Intel processor.

It should be remembered that Macs with processors from the Apple Silicon range do not offer Boot Camp support and at the moment, there is no possibility to install or emulate Windows.

Last September, Microsoft said that a version of Windows 11 for Macs powered by Apple Silicon processors “It is not a scenario that is contemplated”, a scenario that completely changes after knowing this agreement between both companies.

Mac owners with Apple Silicon processors who need access to Windows can use Parallels 16.5 or later to run Windows 10 and 11 Insider Preview builds that have been created for this type of processors, but they are not stable versions and there are always malfunctions.

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