We already know why the new MacBook Pros don’t have Face ID

When the rumors became reality and we learned that the new MacBook Pro would have a Notch or notch on the screen, many of us were a little disappointed (it happened soon, as we saw the other characteristics of the computer) when we learned that it would not host Face ID. The rumors so indicated but one does not lose hope until it is officially known that he would not bring it. It is honestly something that he does not understand, but from Apple they have given an argument as to why this is so.

Tom Boger, vice president of product marketing for iPad and Mac, and John Ternus, senior vice president of hardware engineering, have spoken openly about why the new MacBook Pros don’t come with Face Id and instead keep Touch ID. I already advance you that the excuse or reason they have given, the truth is that it is not very convincing, but of course, we will have to believe that for that, they are the experts. They basically say that Face ID works best on touchscreens and that also in a MacBook, the user has his hands on the keyboard most of the time. That is why the solution on the keyboard is better than on the camera.

According Bogger:

Touch ID it’s more convenient on a laptop since your hands are already on the keyboard.

According Ternus:

Apple makes the world’s best touch computer with an iPad, and it was fully optimized for touch input. While the Mac is fully optimized for indirect input and that really we have not felt a reason to change that.

In the interview, they also talked about the lack of RAM memory expansion in these models. Basically it was emphasized that the unified architecture of the Mac of the M1 Pro and M1 Max is what allows its high performance levels.

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