We bring you three incredible offers to finish this year 2022

This year 2022 is coming to an end and we face 2023 with optimism, which is why to end the year and get off on the right foot for 2023 we have made a small selection of the most varied peripherals and accessories offers. Among them we have a wireless mouse Corsair KATAR Elite with a 30% discounta Drift gaming chair with a 17% discount and to finish a ASUS 4K monitor with HDR that will cost you 30% less than its usual price.

Usually we usually focus the offers of the day on a specific theme; however, this time we have decided to choose three products that we believe will be of interest to our readers and that are at a discounted price during this end of the year 2022. More than anything in case you want to give yourself a gift or want to take advantage of the occasion to make the purchase of royal gifts, whether they are for yourselves or for a third party. As you will see, the products that we bring you this time are varied and we know that they will cover the needs of many of you.

Corsair KATAR ELITE Mouse for 30% less

Our first offer is a totally wireless gaming mouse with its own adapter that has a useful life of up to 110 hours and for which you will not have to worry about batteries as it has a rechargeable battery. It has a high-resolution optical sensor, up to 26,000 DPI, and comes with a Slipstream adapter that makes the latency the same as that of a wired pointer, that is, below 1 millisecond. Its usual price is €79.99but with the 30% discount you can find it by €55.99.

Gaming Chair Drift DR350 with a 17% discount

The second product that we bring you on offer is this Drift gaming chair in black and gold that will come out €199.99 and therefore finds a 17% discount on its usual price, which is €239.90. It has an adjustable height, armrests and is made of synthetic leather on a metal structure and can adjust its height by 80 mm. In addition, it comes standard with lumbar and cervical cushions. It is a chair that also supports up to 150 kg of weight,

ASUS 4K HDR monitor with a 29% discount

Whether you have a new generation console, are a user of a high-end graphics card or simply want to watch your favorite series in 4K HDR, using a Chromecast or similar device, then this ASUS monitor, model TUF VG289Q, it will interest you, not only for its 29% discount on its usual price, which means a discount of more than €100. Your specs? Well, they are the following:

  • The 28-inch panel of the IPS type and with the ability to bear HDR10
  • refresh rate of 60HZ
  • 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.
  • All this with a response time of 5 milliseconds.

With the monitor we finish our three outstanding offers to end this year 2022, to our readers, happy 2023 and stay tuned that we still have a lot of quality content to offer you.

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