We can save all this in 1Password, in addition to the passwords

In these times, not only is it worth having an antivirus installed on our computer, but the security measures must go one step further. We have to get used to using strong and secure passwords, for example, for which managers like 1Password can be very helpful.

When we talk about this type of software, we refer to platforms and programs that allow us to better manage our passwords. That way instead of having to remember them all, something almost impossible today, we store them in a safe place. Thus, it is enough that we remember the master password for access to that service to have all the others at our fingertips.

Precisely due to the enormous use of the internet, the increase in own and sensitive data and the management of all kinds of programs and platforms, password managers do not stop growing. Of the many options available to us, 1Password has long been one of the most popular. But of course, largely due to their enormous current popularity, these platforms and programs have grown and improved over time. Its developers have decided to make new and more advanced functions available to us that adapt to the needs of their customers.

This is the case of the aforementioned 1Password As we will see, it is becoming more and more complete, as is the case with most of its competitors. In fact, below, we will talk about some additional elements that we have the possibility to store here safely. In this way we can affirm that this manager it’s not just limited to passwords, but allow us to keep other digital elements privately that you will surely appreciate.

What additional items can I save in 1Password

As is evident to benefit from all this that we are going to tell you, the first thing we need is a personal account on the platform. Once we have that account, we can make use of the 1Password utilities directly from the browser. Likewise, we can install the client on any of the compatible devices or systems. From there and after entering the corresponding credentials, we will have access to the stored data and we can create new entries.

But as we have mentioned previously, this type of service is no longer only limited to save passwords securely. In this way and from the same program we will have the possibility, for example, of store a record of personal notes on this same platform. In addition to this, many will surely appreciate being able to safely store their cards and bank accounts. On the other hand, something quite common, in the case that we work we normally use several E-mail accountsAlso here we can store all their credentials.

In turn, in these times we have a good amount of permits, licenses or official documentation. Therefore, we could benefit from being able to save a digital copy of all of them. For this, 1Password presents us with a category especially suitable for all this, where to save elements such as our ID, passport, driver’s license, Social Security card, etc. Of course, how could it be otherwise, the platform we are talking about will also allow us to store personal data of our contacts that will be inaccessible to anyone else.

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