We collect all the rumors about the new 15″ MacBook Air

OLED MacBook Air

The first of the rumors that we have to collect is that of its existence. We have been talking for some time now about the possibility that Apple will present a new MacBook Air with the largest screen ever created. We have the possibility of buying a lightweight model with high performance and a 15-inch screen shortly. This new model of MacBook Air has been rumored so much that if it doesn’t come out soon, we users are going to have to invent it. the other rumors are the ones that we present to you next.

The first of the rumors we take for granted. It is the very existence of the MacBook Air with the 15-inch screen that has been talked about so far. It is assumed that it will be presented and this is good. I really want to see it in the presentation that Apple can make but above all to see it live and I hope that the price goes along and although I know it will be expensive, I hope not so much that I cannot afford it.

It seems that there is little left for its presentation and it is that another of the most famous rumors is that it will become official next June 5 when this year’s WWDC starts. Although it is a developers’ conference, new devices have been presented on occasions and this time the pools take it for granted that it will be that day when Apple unveils this new computer model. We assume that it will go on sale relatively soon, because and we link to the following rumors, the internal components are already prepared and externally it seems that there will be no changes.

Internally it has been said that this new MacBook Air will bring an M2 chip that will give the necessary power to the computer and the big screen. It seems that we will have to wait for the M3 to be incorporated because rumors indicate that its manufacture will not begin until the end of the year and therefore the first devices to have this new chip will do so at the beginning of 2024. A long time between a presentation and sale to the public. The logical thing is that it is presented and at most two or three months will pass until it is put up for sale, but more than six months I think not. It would be very rare and also too many months in which so many things can happen that the company cannot commit to not changing the criteria and that is not very professional.

M3 chip for Mac

Another different thing is that we think that it could wait and that the launch should be done with the M3 chip that, after all, there is not so much left, according to rumors. But what Apple may want is to launch another Mac model with that chip on the market. It’s not for nothing that he’s testing it right now with a high-performance MacBook Pro model. This leads me to think that it is likely that it will be in 2024 when we will see a new Mac Pro with M3 although it is also said that it would be seen at WWDC this year. Too many Macs for me to understand.

But you have to know Apple and the launch of this MacBook Air model in the middle of 2023 and taking advantage of WWDC would make it more special because it would give time to modernize it in less than a year and even change the exterior appearance, which is one of the things that will not change in the June presentation. We will continue with the same model and that will have a new larger screen, but even with those it does not seem that we will see a new design. We will continue with the continuity to which Apple has accustomed us.

Apple WWDC23

There have been no more rumors about this new MacBook Air. Therefore it is to be expected that:

  1. What exists effectively a MacBook Air with a 15-inch screen.
  2. It is presented on June 5 at WWDC 2023 together with the new version of macOS that the Air could already release.
  3. That the exterior design is the same that the current Air model on the market has.
  4. Let him bring the M2 chip with him and not the M3 since it does not have a manufacturing date and at least it is expected to start at the end of the year to start its inclusion in terminals at the beginning and middle of the year 2024.

like all the rumors may or may not be fulfilled. But as I said before, if he doesn’t even present it at this WWDC, it is more than likely that he will later. Because the rumor of its existence is something that is taken for granted by all analysts and one can fail, but not all. Now, I just ask that if you don’t show up on June 5th that you do it by the end of the year and bring the M3. If not, it wouldn’t make any sense.

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