We explain how to change the nickname of your contacts on Facebook Messenger

Step 1. Download Facebook Messenger on your mobile if you don’t have it

Please note that this feature is only possible for the app for iOS or Android, you will not be able to change it in the Messenger what do you use on the web. So, if you haven’t downloaded it to your mobile yet, do it now in the Play Store or the Apple store.

Step 2: Select the contact of the Messenger

We start the application and, from the list of contacts that appears on the screen, We look for and select the one we want to change the nick. That is, what appears at the top of the chats we have with him.

For that, we can click on the first chat tab at the top, choosing the conversation that we have with the contact and clicking on it to enter. We can also choose the contact tab that has the little person icon and search for it by name among all the ones we have on Facebook.

Step 3: Show profile information

Once we are in the conversation with our contact, if you notice, on the right side we will see an icon with the information symbol consisting of a white letter i within a blue circle.

We press there.

That takes us to a screen with all the contact details. There, we will see the options to make an audio or video call, view the profile, silence our contact, create groups, etc.

Well, in the main part of the screen the option we want appears and that it’s called nicknames.

We press in her.

Step 2 of changing the nickname in the messenger

Step 4: Enter the new nickname of our contact

You will see that this takes us to a new screen with our profile and also the photograph of the chosen contact, as well as the words “Define nickname” in both. We can put on a nick so do we, but in this case, we want to do it with the contact, so click on it.

That will make a floating box which says that our contact will only see this in the conversation. We write the nickname we want to identify that contact in chats from now on.

We click on «Save».

Nickname changed in messenger

Now, if we go to the chat screen with this contact, we will see that the nickname of the contact we have chosen appears at the top, instead of their name. In the same way, in the chat history it also appears that we have changed its nick.

As you will see, that means that the other will always see what you do, so don’t give nicknames that you don’t want the other person to not know.

Change the messenger nickname, finished

Lastly, keep in mind that that will only change the nick within the conversation we have with her and nowhere else. For example, if we go to the contacts tab, we can see that it continues to appear with the name that person has put on Facebook.

And what good is it that we can also change our nickname in the Messenger?

Apart from to make the joke or to be called as we wish, you will have already deduced that the other person can also change your nickname. So if you don’t like it, you can tweak it for the conversation and start a huge waste of time playing nicknames all the time.

Can I change the nickname of my contacts in the Facebook Messenger Lite application?

Yes, all this that we are showing you can do both in the application Facebook Messenger normal as in its variant, the Messenger Lite.

In fact, if you have Android and you don’t use the Facebook Messenger, we recommend this second version (if you have iPhone, bad luck, Facebook loaded the Messenger Lite for iOS and it doesn’t look like it’s coming back).

What’s more, the screenshots that we have shown you of the instructions are made in the Messenger Lite from Android. What you will see in it is practically the same as the main application, more options simply appear in the profile of our contacts, such as making a secret chat.

This version of the app It is made for mobiles with less power or for 2G networks and areas where there is little coverage. It is true that you miss out on some features, such as encrypted communications with chats secrets, but I suppose that, at this point, no one turns to Facebook and its applications when they want to communicate while maintaining privacy.

The truth is Messenger Lite works so much better and faster on any phone. In addition to that, it is much lighter (we are talking about more than 200 megabytes in the main application as soon as it is installed, compared to about 25 megabytes in the case of the version Lite). It is also somewhat less invasive with privacy, something that in the case of Facebook always comes in handy.

As you can see, the procedure has no mystery and now you know, step by step, how to change the nickname of your contacts in the conversations of Messenger.

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