We have a new (mini) trailer for The Little Mermaid: offended by criticizing in 3, 2, 1…

A clip from the remake of The Little Mermaid (2023) with the English title The Little Mermaid

It has taken time to be seen again but we already have it here. The little Mermaid Halle Bailey has a new Advance in which we can finally better see the Disney character played by the actress along with other scenes that we will enjoy in the film. It is still a brief teaser but at least it puts us back on the trail of the controversy film that will be in theaters this 2023.

Bailey’s Little Mermaid Returns

The echoes of the complaints expressed when the first image of a black Little Mermaid came to light on the internet still resonate. It was about the interpretation that she has made Disney of the famous character in his live action version, a tape in which we can enjoy the beautiful story of Ariel in the flesh, in the same way that other animated films from the mouse factory have been adapted.

Of course, few (if not any) have generated the intense debate that created this and it is that the public did not accept at all well that a Black actress, Halle Bailey, for the title role, instead of a young white woman with red hair and huge blue eyes. The reasons? You have to choose: that although it has not been faithful to the original story (unaware, it seems, that the story of Hans Christian Andersen is far from what Disney taught us in the late 80s); that if the mermaids are not black (it is well known that the real ones they are very white); or that this movement is nothing more than one more attempt at forced inclusion (more than a century of cinema mostly starring whites is not enough).

Luckily, there are also those who, although we initially had another image in our heads to see the remake from I, we understand that it’s still a moviethat the important thing is that the actress gets into her role and that it is great that boys and girls of color can finally be excited to see a mythical Disney character with their same skin.

New video trailer and release date

For all those who are not therefore horrified by this new version of the film, they will surely enjoy the new teaser that Disney have posted about the movie. this lasts just 30 secondsbut it allows us to see much less Bailey characterized as The Little Mermaid, as well as the seabed in which other mermaids and a final scene of the protagonist with Eric -who will be played by Jonah Hauer-King.

The little Mermaid HE will premiere in theaters in May of this 2023, specifically the day May 26. We will see if the adaptation finally manages to overcome the hatred generated by many adults -curiously, there is no such controversy among children, what things– and generates good results for a Disney that has managed to find a real gold mine in this real action.

And you, will you go see her at the cinema? or are you also against The little Mermaid Bailey’s?

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