We have new data about the Nothing Phone (2): it is closer than ever

One of the most anticipated releases of this half of the year and rightly so. The Nothing Phone set the bar high, with an interesting file and, above all, a different and refreshing design that brightened up the almost always repetitive catalog of smartphones. In it Nothing Phone (2) expectations are quite high and there are many who await his arrival to see what he surprises us with this time. Luckily, the waiting time will be much shorter than you imagine and it is that there is little left for the terminal to officially see the light.

New smartphone features

You know what Carl Pei, founder of Nothing, is usually a person. wing that likes hype and share information about upcoming releases with followers. It is not that he is putting up with the party in the face of his press conferences, but he usually gives more than one headline with substance thanks to which he keeps the community attentive and wanting more.

Following precisely this modus operandi, the executive has now given an interview to Forbes in which he has revealed some details that we did not yet know about the Nothing Phone 2. Among them, one related to his processor since it has revealed that it will be a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. This is something we all expected (the first generation has a Snapdragon 778G+), but now we can officially confirm it.

We will also have an (expected) increase in the battery. The Nothing Phone had a 4,500 mAh module, quite decent for its performance, so we’re glad to know that the next generation will be even better, specifically from 4,700mAhwhich combined with a superior processor should result in a significantly improved autonomy.

Where this time we will not see so much innovation is in the design. Much has been speculated about his Nothing would surprise with a twist, but pei assures that this time the style will be continuous. We recognize that it is difficult to surprise with each new generation of a mobile phone, although we would have liked to see some new detail that would maintain the essence of the brand.

When is the Nothing Phone (2) released?

The CEO of the company has even had time to give us a release date. It is not a specific day but we can now point to something on the calendar, which is always appreciated.

As indicated in GizmodoES, It was expected that the phone would rear its head in the middle of the year and indeed it will, with July as the month chosen for its presentation. As we pointed out, there is still no confirmed specific date – who knows, perhaps and it falls on election day (Ahem).

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