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On May 28, the new provisions of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and Unfair Competition. This regulation prohibits posting fake reviews and that of those in which their genuineness has not been guaranteed.

To discuss the scope of this regulation, as well as its challenges and opportunities, we celebrate the webinar “The end of fake reviews” on October 20, at 10 a.m., with the collaboration of NoFakes. In this webinar, which will be free and live, we will discuss extensively the content and scope of this law. We will also teach you the technology that allows you to capture reviews, validate and manage them to improve your reputation and your sales.

NoFakes experts and the prestigious law firm, Uria Mendez, They will expose us the problem that originates with the publication of false reviews for businesses and, above all, how can they cope. Digital word of mouth is one of the channels that has the most impact on users when it comes to trying or buying a product or service. We often find opinions that only seek to sink small companies, with false negative opinions.

A legislative and technological solution was needed put an end to this malpractice. To learn about them and how to use them, this webinar will be of great help.

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