We might not be quite done with Thanos

The writers of Eternals give some details about Eros and tease a potential return of his brother in the next film.

The Infinity Saga ended with the Avengers defeating Thanos in Endgame. A titanic fight long teased from the beginnings of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and which drew a line from the vast plot of the first three phases. As this whole shutter seemed behind us, and the franchise begins to roam the halls of the multiverse, it may well be that the character will make his return soon.

If we have already seen it in Marvel’s What if? this was just one way for the writers to revisit the MCU’s storylines to explore alternate realities. On the other hand, the arrival of a new character in the post-credits scene of Eternals could be a way for the house of ideas to tell us a little more about its origins and the reasons that led it to want to annihilate half of Humanity and more.

During an interview for Screen Rant, identified by Large screen, the two writers of Chloe Zhao’s film gave more details on the character played by Harry Styles. In the final scene of the feature film, we discover Eros, brother of the purple titan who appears before the Eternals as they go in search of some of their fellows across the galaxy.

Created in 1973, Eros first appeared in Iron Man # 55. Raised by his father on Titan, Eros is also an Eternal. His love of life is diametrically opposed to the state of mind of his older brother and for good reason … “Yes, he was born as an Eternal and grew up as a deviant, he’s kind of caught in the middle. I think Eros is largely responsible for the way Thanos behaves. All jokes aside, having a perfect brother that everyone falls in love with? It has to do something to you. So I hope we will see a little more of it in issue 2 (Les Eternels editor’s note). ”

At the heart of the plot of the next Les Éternels?

For now, a second installment of the Adventures of the Eternals has not been confirmed. The film received a mixed reception across the world that just might chill Disney. At the end of November, a few weeks after its worldwide launch, it had nevertheless brought back the tidy sum of $ 300 million.

If it sees the light of day, this second opus could well give pride of place to Eros and his brother Thanos. If it is unlikely that he will come back to life, we can imagine meeting him at the bend of several flashback scenes, after all the first film of Chloe Zhao at Marvel multiplied the back and forth in the past.

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