We review the wireless gaming headset, Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2

The Stealth 700 Gen 2 is one of the wireless battle headsets that peripheral specialist Turtle Beach has in its catalogue. Conceived with video games in mind, the manufacturer markets them in several versions, “designed” under official license for Xbox or PlayStation, although they can really be used in the same way on a Windows PC or other mobile devices connected via Bluetooth.

say to begin with the sound section has gained ground in all fields of computer and/or entertainment use. And we are glad that audio is ceasing to be, compared to video, the poor brother of technology. The mission “to do more than just noise” is underway and two product groups are mainly responsible for the fact that users are becoming more and more demanding with the devices that we place in our ears.

On the one hand, the small wireless in-ear headphones that we use mostly with smart phones and whose sales have multiplied in recent years both due to the search for higher quality and to get rid of wiring, and in response to the fact that manufacturers do not usually include them anymore in the purchase of new mobiles. The second large group of products with a pull in sales is the one we have in hand, the headsets that we use more and more at the desk in front of the PC or in the living room with the consoles, like this Turtle model that we have had the opportunity to analyze.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Specifications

The supply of audio peripherals has grown enormously in recent years. The competition is great and the solutions come from great specialists like Bose or Sony and others at the top of the audiophile spectrum like Sennheiser or Audio-Technica. Video games are a world apart and etiquette Gaming it is used at discretion as a sales engine.

Turtle Beach is a manufacturer specialized in gaming peripherals, especially headsets like the one at hand that is “designed for Xbox”, the Microsoft consoles to which it connects directly under Xbox Wireless technology. Of course, it can be used with other devices such as a PC that we have used mostly for testing under Bluetooth connection.

As a preliminary matter, say that it is the second generation of one of the most popular series of the brand, with new features in all sections. It has issues to improve (like everything), but it is a great value mid-range model taking into account its characteristics and a fairly content sale price. We leave you with its main specifications:

Format Circumaural headband (closed)
Diaphragm 50mm Proprietary Nanoclear Neodymium
frequency response From 20Hz to 22,000Hz
pads Padded synthetic leather
Microphone Omnidirectional folding
connectivity Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth
Supported equipment Xbox X Series, Xbox One, PCs
Several Turtle Audio Hub app for iOS and Android
Autonomy Up to 20 hours of cordless use
Weight 381 grams
official price €149.99

Turtle Beach ships the Stealth 700 Gen 2 in a box that includes the headphones themselves, a charging cable for USB Type-C ports, a manufacturer’s sticker, and a quick start guide.


These wireless headphones use a format of closed headbandin an external union of polycarbonate and internal reinforcement with a steel band.

In a classic, understated, slightly oval design, the ear cushions are made of synthetic leather and fabric, with plush memory foam that incorporates a layer of cooling Aerofit gel. As you will see in the images, they are finished in a monochrome black colour. They look and feel stable and robust.

A double-hinged system allows for plenty of tilt range and makes the earcups lie flat when you don’t need them. They are foldable and can even be removed and, in addition, can be worn with glasses thanks to a tab that allows to create a small channel in the pad where they rest.

All the controls are on the left side, volume controls, mixer, mode selection, power, Bluetooth (with additional functions for multimedia depending on the number of touches) and Xbox pairing. On this side there is also the USB Type-C charging port and a small status LED that reports power, pairing or charge level.

Certainly are a good number of physical controls, but the similar size and shape of the audio and Bluetooth modes, as well as the volume dials, can be confusing when you’re wearing them and fumbling for a change. It’s just a matter of some time to get used to it.

The headphones also feature a omnidirectional microphone that always comes in handy to interact with third parties while we play or for other uses such as video calls. Like the rest of the controls, it’s located on the left side and conveniently folds down into a slot in the case when not in use.

The Stealth 700 Gen 2 are quite bulky although their total weight is not excessive and the finish of the pads offers a quality, breathable and comfortable feeling. Less comfortable is great tension of the assembly on the ears. It has some channels carved into the pads to reduce pressure on the frames, but they still squeeze. We bet on the firmness in battle helmets, but it may be too much for some users who may notice some fatigue after long gaming sessions.

Connectivity, autonomy

Xbox Wireless Controller compatibility ensures seamless and instant pairing via the dedicated button on this headset. with the console, Xbox Wireless automatically configures the headset connection. They pair like any other Xbox controller and can be set to turn on automatically when the console starts up. It’s simply a matter of plugging in and plugging in without the need for additional adapters.

Just like on PCs, using the Bluetooth toggle button and controls in Windows 10 settings it’s a breeze to connect. It works fine, despite being Bluetooth version 4.2 and supporting the default SBC codec, but – as is obvious from its price point – it’s not designed as a Hi-Res Audio device.

Thanks to the simultaneous Bluetooth connection, the Stealth 700 Gen 2 also syncs with a smartphone to answer a call while you’re gaming without pausing the game or removing your headset. Or listen to your favorite music if you prefer.

The headphones have a lithium polymer battery that promises a autonomy of 20 hours. The manufacturer’s figure is quite tight and we almost reached it in standard audio playback. There are models from the same manufacturer that offer more autonomy, but they usually have a higher price and 20 hours are enough for any day of battle. It does not have a fast charge, but it can also be used while recharging.

As for connections, I prefer that wireless headphones also have a wired connection (ideal with their audio jack) for certain use cases, but I understand that the trend is for the comfort of a wireless connection and that of these headphones works quite well good, with good latency and no cuts.

user experience

Sound quality should be the main element to assess in headphones and it must be said that the 50mm Nanoclear speakers deliver on what they promise and the Stealth 700 Gen 2 sound really good in all frequency ranges. Always keeping in mind what they cost and to get the sound without wiring…

We were especially surprised, for good, bass levels that it offers and that are not usually common in headphones below 150 euros. Intense and dominant in their default mode, they are especially noticeable when running games, their main focus. And this within a good balance in treble and voices in games with a V-shaped sound profile.

Just in case you don’t want the rumble of explosions and gunshots to get in the way of more subtle audio cues in multiplayer modes or listening to music, there’s a dedicated mode among the five presets proposed by the manufacturer, which reduces the output of low notes below above 100 Hz and high-frequency sounds above 10 kHz.

To do this, Turtle offers the Audio Hub mobile app available for iOS and Android, where in addition to updating the device’s firmware or reporting the charge level, it allows you to select the preset modes or try different levels of sound equalization.

It also allows you to reassign the functions of the chat volume wheel and the ‘mode’ button. And you will want to. The volume dial is sensitive and you have to use it because the default profile shoots the volume to high levels and it also varies a lot if you use it on the Xbox, on the PC or on an Android mobile.

The Stealth 700 Gen 2 does not stand out for its use outdoors since ambient noise isolation is poor and they don’t have ANC control for noise suppression. Really, it is not the function of a gaming headset bulky enough to carry them on the go, but it would have been a plus for use on the go connected to the mobile via Bluetooth.

If we really liked the microphone quality and accuracy Incorporated. The voices sound natural and with hardly any distortion and the recordings are of a good level. Delivers accurate audio output across the entire vocal spectrum, even in the bass range, where most gaming headsets aren’t as effective.

Conclusions, availability and price

We liked these Turtle Stealth 700 Gen 2, because -without being perfect- they deliver value. Its build quality is remarkable with the metal reinforcement on the headband, good finishes especially on the mats and with an effective double hinge system. Its connection is simple thanks to Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth support and its sufficient autonomy of 20 hours.

We liked less their great bulk, the excessive headband-headphone pressure and the poor insulation that rules them out for outdoor use. In the main of some audio peripherals, it must be repeated that the sound quality of the headphones and especially of its microphone are above the average of the segment. If you bet on them, you will not make a mistake in the purchase.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 are available on the manufacturer’s website with an official price of €149.99. They are also sold in the retail channel with Amazon as the protagonist since it offers almost its entire catalog of headphones. Note to finish that Turtle has for sale a higher and newer version of the reviewed model and that it was the one that we had initially ordered from the manufacturer.

Labeled a ‘Max’ version, it additionally offers a 2.4GHz USB-A wireless RF dongle with cross-platform support for Xbox and PlayStation, capable of toggling by simply pressing a button on the dongle. It also supports the Nintendo Switch, the Steam Deck and PCs. In addition, it doubles the autonomy over the analyzed model and has a fast charge. It only costs 50 euros more than the analyzed model, so it may be interesting as an alternative. You can purchase both on the manufacturer’s website or through retail channels.

Final assessment


Turtle’s Stealth 700 Gen 2 is a remarkable, well-built and finished wireless headset with good sound quality, top-tier microphone, direct Xbox connectivity, and the ability to pair with PCs or mobiles via Bluetooth. It has an app where you can manage its functions and its price is quite reasonable for what it offers.

Design and build quality8

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