We tell you how to find your iPhone even if it is turned off: Step by step

With the recent arrival of iOS 15 a new update came to the function Find My. Previously, this tool allowed you to locate some iPhone devices, however, it was an essential requirement that the mobile stay on at all times.

This “failure” was taken advantage of by criminals who, after committing a robbery, turned off the equipment, to later erase their information. What i did practically unrecoverable, since there was no way to determine its location without the internet connection or the network, which are disabled when it is turned off.

How does offline iPhone tracking work?

From now on, Apple will use its low-power U1 chip to keep tracking the location of an iPhone even after it’s turned off. This function will be available for iPhone 11 devices onwards, including the new iPhone 13, with iOS 15 operating system.

Once turned off, the iPhone will continue to send information through an applet, the rest of its functions will remain inactive, including Siri. Through the bluetooth sensor the device will continue to communicate with others close to it, which will help to report its location using the network Find My.

How to disable this function?

If you wish, this function can be completely disabled on the iPhone, through two ways; the first is to turn off the device by pressing the small button “iPhone Findable After Power Off”. From here, you can choose the “Temporarily disable search” option to completely shut down the iPhone just this once.

The second option is permanent, for this you must access the Find my network function, within the “Settings” section and then select Apple ID> iCloud> Find my> Find my iPhone, and deactivate the “Find my network”.


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