We tested the IKEA and Sonos speaker box: music on the walls

Ikea Symfonisk Sonos, video analysis

The painting that wanted to be a speaker or vice versa

Ikea got into the technology business years ago, although not always with the same success, but a series of very well focused products, good prices and very well related to its main activity (which is not to sell meatloaf, but to decorate ) made them one of their most important lines of income.

Now the company is back with a third component for your Symfonisk speakers, a very attractive proposal since it is again created together with Sonos. In this way, one of the largest furniture and decoration companies and one of the largest in the world of sound surprise once again with a speaker box or a speaker in the shape of a box. Here that each one sees it as they want.

The new Ikea product does not have many mysteries, but there are details that surely interest you. The first is its dimensions, it measures 57 x 41 x 6 cm. That is, as the object of repeal it is a large picture, but not excessively. Although by itself it will be enough to give that decorative point to any wall or shelf where you want to place it.

Available in two colors, black and white, what you do have to know is that it is not a frame to put the photo that you want and at the same time it acts as a speaker. Here and for the moment you only have 12 designs available (purchased separately). Luckily, these designs are quite neutral and surely one of them fits the tastes of each one. Although, as a business idea, it would be great if the company allowed you to print the image you want on fabric.

Logically, seeing how this sheet is, they do not do it because it would imply a somewhat higher cost, but surely more than one would pay to have the photo they wanted. So, despite the fact that new proposals will arrive each season, it would not be strange to me if at some point they gave the option of printing the photo you want in their stores. And if not, surely someone can do it on their own.

Returning to the product, on the back there are the volume, playback and pause controls as well as a hole where you can place the collected cable if you do not need its entire length to reach the socket. That way he does not walk or hang or bother. And in that same hole, to one side, is the ethernet connection. Because this speaker to play music needs to receive the music through the local home connection, so you will have to connect it via cable or WiFi.

So, little more to say about a product that as an extra incorporates everything you need to place it on the ground both vertically and horizontally with small rubber feet so that it does not suffer damage and a hook for when you want to use it in a traditional way in the wall as one more painting. And yes, the overall product quality is good, but the really important thing is knowing how it sounds.

Sonos sound quality and experience

Let’s talk about the experience and sound quality of this speaker, that beyond the decorative component is what will really interest those who are thinking of betting on it. So let’s start with the first of the sections which, like the second, will be very marked by Sonos.

To make use of this speaker you will first need the sonos app (available for iOS and Android) to control all its options, stereo sound configuration, multiroom as well as configuration of available services you will need the Sonos app.

Once downloaded, the setup is identical to other brand speakers. It is detected, connects to the local network and is registered in your user account. From that moment on you will be able to control it remotely and get the most out of each of its options if you have other products with which you can combine it.

This is what is truly interesting about the app, its options and the possibilities of using it together with other speakers, especially if it is the same to have a stereo configuration. It would have been great to be able to do it alongside other Sonos speakers, but at the moment it seems to be impossible. Which makes some sense, so that the quality of what is heard on the left and right channels is identical.

For the rest, with its pluses and minuses, the truth is that once you get used to it and know all the possibilities offered by the Sonos application the user experience seems more than correct and satisfactory. What’s more, I could describe it as very good without any problem. In addition, through Google Assistant and Alexa you can control it. You only need a speaker or device compatible with them to be able to control the Ikea speaker box.

Regarding sound quality, the speaker has a woofer and a tweeter which together offer a pretty good sound. It may be a bit daring, but as with previous Symfonisk models, this one sounds very similar to the very speakers that Sonos markets under its own brand, such as Sonos One, Sonos Play, Sonos Roam, etc.

The audio it reproduces is quite balanced and that is quite interesting considering the type of speaker it is and the design it has. So you are going to enjoy your entire music library, podcasts and audio in general that you play through them.


If your intention is to have a speaker capable of playing your favorite music with good quality without spending too much, although the price of 199 euros is not low to say, it is an interesting option than with Sonos seal guarantees satisfactory performance in general.

In addition, the decorative factor also works in its favor and it is much easier to integrate something like this in a room than other types of speakers. Especially if you want there to be moments when it goes completely unnoticed. If that is important to you, the purchase is justified.

In case the design and being able to use it as a painting does not appeal to you, then there are options such as Sonos One SL that for the same price could be much more attractive. Or even a Sonos Roam that you could take around or Apple’s HomePod mini if ​​you are looking for quality and some design.

So value everything calmly. I can tell you that his sound quality, experience and design have convinced me. And I find it very easy and convenient to place it on a shelf just above the television that I have in the living room. Also if I want to take it to the bedroom, but it is my particular case. You have to value yours.

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