We tested various Cricut models to creatively personalize our brand

Cricut is an American company, specializing in the craft technology. Thanks to its product portfolio, you can create, design and customize everything from accessories and objects to clothing and accessories, such as caps, shoes or spaces.

In recent years, the company has experienced exponential growth thanks to the rise of the movement “do it yourself” (DIY). In Spain, they opened their office in 2021, although they had previously sold their products online.

“We help people lead creative lives” is the motto that defines them. Thank you to your smart cutting machines (plotters) and to the great variety of materials and tools, users have infinite possibilities to unleash their creativity.

At a time when people are increasingly looking for the unique and exclusiveCricut machines and tools become the best ally for end users and small businesses that want to personalize items, garments and rooms.

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Unlimited Creativity

With the Cricut tools we can, from creating from postcards, through fabric cuts to sew later on other garments, for example, vinyl transfers on t-shirts, bags… It is a product intended for both end users and small businesses that want customize your own corporate materials to improve the visibility of your business.

The software, Design Space, is completely free and available for all Cricut machines, for PC, Mac, IOS and Android devices. It offers more than 200,000 images, 50,000 projects ready to cut and a wide variety of fonts. Its paid version allows access to many more images, projects and fonts.

Variety of machines and tools

Cricut has in its catalog with various intelligent cutting machinesheat plates, craft tools, cutting mats, markers and endless materials such as vinyl, fabric, cardboard, wood, leather… All of them available at points of sale, both physical and online.

The model Cricut Joy It is the most compact and easy-to-use machine, so it is intended for people who do small projects sporadically. Allows you to cut more than 50 materials with your blade, including iron-on, cardstock, vinyl, paper, and smart materials that allow for easy, long cuts without a cutting mat. This blade can be replaced by a marker or marker to personalize our project with drawings and texts. We can also replace it with Foil Transfer Kit, a tool that will allow us to create finishes in foil, very attractive.

For advanced users looking for higher performance, the brand offers Cricut Explore 3, a cutting machine that supports over 100 materials, including Cricut Smart Materials. This model cuts up to 3.6 meters at a time, without the need for a cutting mat. It works with up to six different tools, and just like the Joi, it also writes, draws, and marks.

CricutMaker 3 offers more power and versatility and has the capacity to cut more than 300 different materials thanks to the Adaptive Tool System, the professional technology that allows you to control the pressure and direction of the blade to make perfect cuts. It was launched in May 2021, including as a novelty the possibility to cut materials with a length of up to 3.6 meters at a time, without a cutting mat. It is the most complete model of the brand, as it offers a wide range of tools for cutting, marking, writing, engraving and creating decorative effects. In addition, it incorporates a specific blade system that allows the tips to be exchanged, so that we can adapt the cut to the type of material more precisely.

The Cricut product ecosystem includes heat presses that allow us to transfer textile vinyl onto our favorite garments. Among the models they offer, we find three sizes: large and medium, which include a small screen from which we can raise and lower the temperature and control the time, and the mini, for smaller projects or with more complicated forms of ironing. All of them offer a homogeneous heat on the entire surface at the same time, unlike the traditional irons that we can have at home.

Lastly, we find the Cricut Mug Pressa specific heat press to personalize mugs with infusible ink.

Among the materials we can find a great variety of them to make multiple projects. From papers of different thicknesses, through colored vinyl, infusible ink (paper with ink to transfer to garments using heat presses), through intelligent materials that allow you to make cuts directly with the cutting machines without the need to use mats.

This is how “digital scissors” work

Cricut cutting machines allow us to cut designs, both our own and those offered by the brand, and thus customize any product that comes to mind.

On VeryPymes we have had the opportunity to test some of the tools and materials of the cricut brand. For this we have carried out a small project to see how to personalize our own corporate materials. In this case we have used the cricut joy with smart vinyl black and we have customized a bottle with our logo. We found that it is very easy to do with just small steps and that anyone whose skills with crafts are not necessarily developed will be able to do it without problems.

  • We create our design in Design Space (the design software that we will have to download from its website) either from scratch or by selecting from the projects offered by the application and we follow the steps indicated by the application.
  • We place the chosen material on the mat (normally included in the box), we load it into the machine and it will begin to make the cut.
  • We remove the excess material from the cut material with the help of the cricut tools and assemble our design on the support we have chosen. And now we have it.

We have also tested the Cricut EasyPress Mini, adding our logo to a bag. For this we use green Infusible Ink transfer sheets with a watercolor effect. The cutting process is the same as with vinyl, but the resulting material will be placed on our garment and we will apply heat with the press for the time indicated by the application.

The brand itself has of a wide variety of customizable products, from t-shirts and baby clothes, to bags, toiletry bags, pillowcases, even coasters. If we want to customize a garment that is not from the brand, we will have to look at the composition of the materials and check that it contains a majority of polyester, since it is the fabric to which the ink adheres best in this case.

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