“We value the agility, responsiveness and quality that Lenovo offers us.”

Uniway has been dedicated to provide quality and continuity services to its clients. Now, in the process of evolution, begins the project to expand the Systems Infrastructure, which are the nucleus from which the offer of Cloud Services, DR, backup … among others is based.

In this context, the company has decided to have Lenovo as a Partner for the expansion of its CPD. Uniway’s offer is wide, so the CPD has to be permanently
operational to provide virtualization services, IaaS and PaaS, SaaS, managed services for BaaS, contingency services for clients, as well as cybersecurity issues and managed infrastructure monitoring services, among others.

Beyond the quality of Lenovo’s products, Uniway has valued its proposal for support services, the agreed response time and the joint involvement in the development of new business opportunities. About what their CPD is like, their alliance with Lenovo and the value they offer to their customers, we had the opportunity to chat with Cahono Rebollo, Commercial Director of Uniway Technologies.

[MCPRO] What is Uniway like? What services do you offer to companies?

[Chano Rebollo] Uniway is a 100% national capital company. We have been in the technology and communications sector for more than 20 years and we have a Data Processing Center from which we serve all types of companies.

Over time we have been opening new business areas, for example providing operations and contingency center services, as well as in other areas, with a firm commitment, for example, to e-commerce solutions, or to the specific development of products such as One Vision that facilitate the monitoring of multicloud environments and that gives customers the possibility of having a single and operational vision of their entire infrastructure.

[MCPRO] How is your CPD? How many clients are you serving?

[Chano Rebollo] We have a Data Center in property in Madrid. It has 1,500 square meters and serves more than 400 clients. It is a CPD approved as ISO 27001, and has other specific certifications in terms of both physical security and the products and services we offer. In its design and construction, it forms a faraday box, with which we manage to avoid radioelectric interference.

It has its specific areas of uninterruptible power supply of electricity (20 minutes by UPS) and for an uninterrupted service for 3-5 days, we have a diesel engine with a capacity of more than 15,000 liters of fuel. This allows us to remain within an operating range of several days until the incident is resolved.
We also have a center to have redundant environments with Interxion, so that we ensure business continuity.

[MCPRO] How is your current cloud computing offer?

[Chano Rebollo] In the cloud area we serve a wide group of clients, doing the specific management and handling of their subscriptions or the contracting they have with the different providers. At the same time, we combine it with our private cloud proposal, which allows them to balance workloads.

In addition, we are committed to the incorporation of different service layers that include the monitoring of these environments, the automation of their management, security, backup, contingency, and a disaster recovery that can become granular, to the point that we can recover a single email containing attachments.

[MCPRO] How is your relationship with Lenovo in the technological structure that is part of your CPD?

[Chano Rebollo] As proprietary technology acquired by Uniway, we consider only top brands. We do not seek to save on the different components, be it servers, storage or communications. In any element that is part of the offering, no cost savings are sought, rather the opposite. We always focus on service and service requires excellence. You cannot play it with the business continuity of the clients.

At the CPD there comes a time when we have to renew part of the infrastructure. East
year we began to investigate not only which players there were, but above all, with which we could cover a facet of partnership that went beyond being a mere provider.

And from Lenovo we not only liked the quality of its physical equipment but also its levels
support, as well as the commitment assumed when establishing an action plan between both commercial and technical infrastructures to expand the equipment they provide us in the future, as well as a common business development approach from now on.

[MCPRO] What type of equipment has been incorporated into your CPD?

[Chano Rebollo] In this case, what has been undertaken has been the renovation of an important part of the server park. For this we have received continuous advice from Lenovo’s technical team regarding the recommendation of the best equipment to respond to the different solutions on which we are focused, such as e-commerce or software as a service as a proposal. .

Both in the direction part and in the technique we obtained a first level response and that was the one that inclined the decision-making towards the brand. We have also valued his agility very positively. Lenovo has proven to be very responsive, which is also critical for us.

[MCPRO] In addition to cloud computing, you have specialized in the development of e-commerce solutions

[Chano Rebollo] We have incorporated well-proven solutions in the market, in software as a service and pay-per-use modalities. We changed the license purchase model and we offer our clients everything they need so that they can develop their e-commerce strategy in the most automated way possible.

We are working with different applications that are offered on premise but we are also able to offer them in an as a service mode. We take care of both the commercialization and even the development of the APIs that you may need to integrate them into your systems.
Then there are a series of additional services that are incorporated into that proposal. Because when they bet on a tool of this type, you have to allocate resources, time, equipment … By having it available in that SaaS model, we eliminate almost all the complexity, already
that the customer only has to install the agent; and from there it is immediately operational and in this way most problems are avoided.

[MCPRO] What new services are you considering offering?

[Chano Rebollo] AI is a key element. In fact, right now we have a team that is preparing the first proposals in that environment.

Right now, however, we are evaluating if it has to be an open proposal or if we are going to allocate it to clients that we already have and we can give them a new layer of value that may interest them. In other words, we want to offer AI coupled with those solutions that we are already providing to customers, studying what added value it can give them. I think this is more interesting for us than starting with generic solutions.

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