We want the Premier! That’s what they say inside Apple

The world of football, or soccer, as it is called in the United States, moves some beastly amounts of money due to the great fans around the world, in fact, it is a sector that has not stopped growing in recent years, both economically and in terms of monitoring and technology, and obviously this is a business in which Apple wants to enter fully.

Currently, the Cupertino company already has the possibility of give users exclusive sports contentand we must not only take into account the documentaries and series that are available on the platform, but also the competitions that Apple TV+ users can enjoy within it, such as the Major League Baseball or even MLS. In addition, Apple itself has also repeatedly stated its intention to enter the NBA. In short, Apple is no stranger to all the money that moves in the world of sports and especially in European football, which is why it has the clear intention of fully introducing itself, and according to rumors, if it finally succeeds, it would be go all the way in.

Apple wants to acquire the rights to the Premier League

The best league in the world right now is, without a doubt, english leaguebetter known as the Premier League, and it is that both at the entertainment level and at the commercial level, it is the one that generates the most attraction worldwide, and that obviously causes everyone wants to have access to be able to enjoy the matchesThey take place almost every weekend.

Premier League

The emission rights of La Premier are operated in a three-year renewal cycle, which ends in 2025, and which are already being negotiated. However, if Apple wants to enter In this bid, nothing will be easy, since the number of conflicts and disputes that arise between the largest companies to gain these rights is also known. Now, in case of achieving it, Apple would have to put up with something that, from Cupertino, they do not see very favorably, and that is that no platform can have exclusive rights to the competitionsomething that would leave Apple without having the exclusivity of The Premier League.

However, it is a rumor that has gained a lot of strength in recent months, in fact, it is not the first time that La Manzana Mordida has talked about it, so when the river sounds, water carries, and it is surely true that Apple is very serious about the rights of the Premier League.

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