We will soon have the list of repairs carried out on an iPhone

It will be much easier to tell if an iPhone has been repaired, and if the operation was carried out with genuine Apple spare parts and tools. Useful in case of resale!

The future version of iOS contains a new tool to find out if the repair carried out on an iPhone was carried out according to the rules of the art. iOS 15.2, which will be available in the coming days, indeed includes additional information to be found in the settings “About” of the smartphone.

Official or independent repair?

On iPhone XR, XS / XS Max, iPhone SE (2nd generation) and previous models, the user will be able to check if the battery has been replaced. On iPhone 11, 12, and 13, this information panel will show whether the battery or screen has been replaced. Finally, the iPhone 12 and 13 add information on the replacement of the camera.

Apple doesn’t stop there. If the repair was carried out by an authorized repairer (or an Apple Store) with original spare parts, a statement ” Original Apple spare part Will be specified. It will even be possible to obtain additional details, in particular the date of the intervention. If the spare part is not original or if the repair was carried out with non-certified tools, the words ” Unknown piece Will then be displayed.

This means either the part has been replaced with a non-original component, or the part has already been used or installed in another iPhone, or the part does not perform as expected. Things that can happen when you go through an independent repairer, for reasons of cost or location: not everyone lives near an Apple Store or an authorized service center!

Nevertheless, the manufacturer recommends going to a certified technician using original spare parts. Currently, in addition to Apple stores and authorized centers that offer this service, you can go through repairers participating in the Independent Repair Provider program. In November, the company also announced the possibility for individuals to carry out repairs themselves, with official guides and original parts.

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