Web browser features that are essential for you

Developers of these particular types of applications usually focus on improving their projects based on functionality, interface, and security. These three are the keys to the success of a browser that wants to achieve a solid position in this competitive market. At this time there is no doubt that the industry leader is Google Chrome, followed by the new Edge Microsoft and Firefox. Apart from these applications, we can choose from many others, some of them focused on certain fields such as security or low resource consumption.

However, the vast majority of these programs over time have been made with a series of very interesting functions and features. All this in order to facilitate and improve the user experience on a day-to-day basis with the program. In fact, we can affirm that there are certain functionalities that we find in most of these browsers that could be considered as essential. Next, we are going to talk about some others so that you can think about what it would be like to work with these programs without these tools implemented.

The browser tabs

If there is something that characterizes this type of programs and that many others would like to have, those are the tabs. At first they began to be used in these browsers to be able to open a multitude of websites in a single window. If not for these, we would sometimes have to manage dozens of windows independently open at the same time in our operating system, which could be a bit annoying.

From then on, many other programs of all kinds have started to implement this tab format in their projects. It is even hoped that Windows 10 may one day have them by default.

The markers

On the other hand, we find these elements without which the experience with a browser would be much more uncomfortable and not very decisive. Thanks to these bookmarks we can store the URL of hundreds or thousands of webs that interest us in the program itself to open them later.

There is no doubt that it would be much more uncomfortable to have to write them down by hand each time we find a site on the internet that interests us for the future. In addition, here we find a multitude of functions for the management of these elements.

Data synchronization between devices

As a general rule, the most important browsers that we can use today have versions for both desktop computers and mobile devices. This is where the function of synchronization. This allows us to use the same account with its respective data stored in multiple teams. In this way all the changes in the history, bookmarks, passwords, etc., that we make on a PC, for example, will already be found on our mobile.

If we take into account that in these times many users already use both platforms constantly, this synchronization function is increasingly important.

Extensions for the browser

These programs in themselves are already full of functionalities of all kinds that are not very helpful in most cases. But there are users who want to go a step further by adding new ones, either to add other features or change the appearance of the application. Here we talk about the extensions or accessories that we can install in the browser. We can also find elements of this type related to privacy and security, so we could say that we have the possibility of using a large number of these extensions.

browser extensions

By now they have become common in most browsers. With this, what we mean is that for many users they are basic elements that are part of their application to move around the internet.

Security features

As we mentioned before, both privacy and security are basic for your browser to be accepted by the majority. The Internet is full of threats waiting for us to make a mistake to access our computers and data. Aware of all this, the developers of these programs they do not stop improving and launching new protection functions in this regard.

Firefox security

In fact, nowadays a program of these characteristics is not conceived that does not include minimum security and privacy, elements that are considered essential.

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