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At the end of the 90s, one of the most popular applications to play the MP3 files that we all downloaded through eMule, was Winamp, an application that was receiving support in the form of new features and updates until 2013.

A few days ago the expected return of this application was announced, a return that has disappointed to the users who were waiting for it like rain in May.

This is how Winamp has changed

The first change with respect to the version that everyone used 20 years ago is that it is not an application, but a web version. In addition, it is necessary create an account to be able to use it. The possibilities that users had when it came to customizing the user interface of the application have completely disappeared.

The obligation to create an account is not the only great thing, but the new Winamp has compared to the version that was used in the past. The other negative point, in fact the most important of all, is that does not allow us to reproduce the content that we have stored locally on our computer, either downloaded or those that we have converted to MP3 from a CD, that is, we cannot use this web version to access our music library and play it.

The new Winamp is focused on becoming a platform where artists can upload your music to promote it through the platform and obtain income. In addition, it offers us a large number of radio stations and access to a wide variety of podcasts of all types and genres, podcasts available in multiple languages.

This new and long-awaited version of the veteran MP3 player It has absolutely nothing to do with the application that at the time was available on the market until 2013. The only thing it shares with this application is the name, nothing more. If you were waiting for the launch of Winamp to change your music player, you will have no choice but to continue with it or look for one of the different alternatives


makes perfect sense

Currently, most users who listen to music from their computer or mobile device do so through the different streaming music platforms. Very few users only like to enjoy their music library, so, to a certain extent, we can understand the movement that Winamp has made with this new version of this popular player.


However, this web version of Winmap does not provide anything that is not available on other platforms. This new version is a platform for artists to receive money every month from users who subscribe to their channels, since if we want to reproduce the content of the available artists, which are very few, it is necessary to pay a subscription.

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