Webcams for streaming that are on sale for less than 100 euros

We have, on the one hand, the Microsoft LifeCam Studiowhich offers a 1080p resolution, which offers face tracking, being a good option for streaming. Then we have the Conceptronic AMDIS08Bwhich offers a resolution of up to 4K and integrates two microphones, one on each of the sides of it.

Microsoft LifeCam Studio, a high quality solution

During confinement, work videoconferences and virtual meetings with friends were the trend. This webcam is focused on that type of use, but it can be a great solution for those who want to dedicate themselves to streaming. It offers very interesting features, even supporting tripod mounting.

The Microsoft webcam offers us a 1080p resolution with panoramic video and a high precision optics. Thus we can have a high-quality color image capture, with image clarity. It has a face tracking system, so we can move a little within the range of the camera and remain focused on the image.

Although it is indicated that the sensor is 1080p, this resolution is for photography and video. When we make use of this camera to streamingthe resolution becomes 720pbut still more than enough.

It integrates a wideband microphone that allows us to capture when we speak with great precision. It has a system of 360 degree rotation in all directions, to be able to adjust it or change the throw in a simple way. In addition, it offers support in the structure itself to be mounted on tripodssomething that offers more versatility and options.

A webcam, this one from Microsoft, very interesting for those who want to get into streaming. We will have a high-quality camera in a compact design and that has different integrations to offer great sharpness and rich color.

Conceptronic AMDIS08B, for high quality streaming

Although it is not very necessary, you may want a camera with higher image quality to be able to stream on Twitch. A very interesting option is this Conceptronic webcam that has quite interesting features.

This webcam has a sensor of 8.3 megapixels and in theory, it offers up to 4K resolution, which is great. For streaming admits as maximum 1080p resolutionyes, with a rate of up to 60 FPS thanks to the technology High Frame Rate (HFR). It also offers us a viewing angle of the lens of 120º, so we will have a fairly large plane available.

How could it be otherwise, it is compatible with any system, since it is based on USB2.0 interface and it is Plug and Play. But in addition, it has a USB-C adapter to connect it to more modern systems and even to a smartphone if we want.

has an angle of 360º rotation and also offers tripod standthus seeking to adapt to all user needs.

We must point out that this webcam on Amazon has few reviews and they are not exactly good. Although Conceptronic is a fairly well-known brand, sometimes its products leave a lot to be desired. The good thing is that we can return it if we are not convinced by its performance or if it does not let itself be tamed.

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