Wednesday: Netflix series casting completed

Tim Burton, producer and director of the new Netflix series based on the Addams family, has completed casting the show focused on Wednesday Addams.

The series written by At the Gough And Miles Millar which Netflix won a few months ago will tell the story of Wednesday Addams as she faces the Nevermore Academy and solves an incredible mystery.

Tim Burton completed casting for the Netflix series on Wednesday

The casting phase for the Wednesday series seems to have been completed and the show is preparing to begin filming the eight episodes it will be composed of.

If the members of the Addams family, consisting of Luis Guzman in the role of Gomez, Catherine Zeta-Jones in that of Morticia And Jenna Ortega in the role of the protagonist Wednesday were already confirmed, now we have the details on the rest of the cast that will be part of the series.

Jamie McShane will play the sheriff Donovan Galpin. “Born and raised in Jericho, this sheriff has always had problems with Nevermore Academy and a particular hatred towards Gomez Addams“.

Hunter Doohan will interpret Tyler Galpin. “A guy who forms an unlikely friendship with Wednesday Addams. Tyler has a troubled relationship with his father, Sheriff Donovan Galpin“.

Georgie Farmer will interpret Ajax Petropolus: “A Nevermore Academy student, as well as Gorgon, is shy and clumsy. Ajax is eager to look someone in the eye“.

Moosa Mostafa will interpret Eugene Otinger. “One of the academy’s most bizarre students and president of the school’s beekeeping club“.

Emma Myers will have the role of Enid Sinclair. “She’s the sunny and colorful Wednesday California roommate at Nevermore Academy and comes from a pack of San Francisco werewolves.“.

Maomi J. Ogawa will interpret Yoko Tanaka. “A vampire with a gothic touch inspired by the Harajuku phenomenon“.

Joy Sunday it will be instead Bianca Barclay. “One of the school’s most famous students, Bianca is descended from an ancient lineage of Sirens and possesses enormous persuasive power“.

Percy Hynes White will interpret Xavier Thorpe. “A supernaturally charismatic and artistic student, who comes from a wealthy family thanks to his father, a famous psychic“.

Thora Birch will interpret Tamara Novak. “The dorm manager on Wednesday is the only “normal” member of the Nevermore Academy staff, with a particular propensity for everything related to botany“.

Riki Lindhome will play the doctor Valerie Kinbott. “A local therapist from the anonymous city of Jericho who takes a special interest in her new patient, Wednesday Addams“.

The first season of the series Wednesday will consist of eight episodes, albeit Netflix has not yet formalized a release date for the show on its platform.

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