Well, it will be true that Nintendo Switch 2 is already here, why?

The world is holding its breath waiting for you Nintendo tell us once and for all when it is going to launch its Switch 2. Because we all already know that they are going to launch it, so why so much mystery? And on top of that, a few hours ago a detail was revealed that further refines the possible launch window of the new console.

It is usual when there is a product that many users want to come out, that all the secrecy that occurs around the manufacturer, Nintendo in this case, becomes transparency in another that collaborates with the Japanese supplying them with some kind of vital component. And that is what has happened in this case.

Have the Joy-Con been leaked?

Technically not because they can’t speak or move, just get damaged, but somehow it’s been thanks to them that the idea that Nintendo Switch 2 will be out early next yearsurely throughout the month of March, as already happened in 2017 with the machine that we currently have with us.

This has been possible because there is a company, PixArt, which manufactures chips that Nintendo later installs in its Joy-Con, and which, according to one of the latest financial reports that it publishes as an exercise in transparency and good governance, has been able to read a sentence That pretty much reveals everything.

That text comes to say that PixArt you are supplying components for a new device from a Japanese company, scheduled to be launched at the beginning of 2024 and, as if that were not enough, it specifies that this brand has not launched one of these devices on the market for years. And except for the Lite and OLED variants, it is true that since 2017 there are no models that we can consider strictly unique.

Nintendo NYC Store.

Everything fits to be that date

That Nintendo Switch 2 arrives in March 2024 fits perfectly with the uses and customs of the market, which in recent times it has clearly marked what should be the duration of a generation consoles: seven years, unless there are setbacks or force majeure that force a different determination to be made. Oh, and Nintendo WIi doesn’t count…

In addition, we do not have much to fear (especially those of us who have Nintendo Switch) for the games we have purchased or the news that is to come in the coming months because it is very possible the new model is backwards compatiblewhich will allow the Japanese to keep two generations on the market at the same time, which would not have to be cannibalized and with an increasingly large and even hybrid catalog for as long as the old 2017 model remains active.

After all, Nintendo Switch continues to be a success. The consoles are among the best sellers, the cartridges that arrive weekly top the sales charts around the world and there are no signs on the horizon that tell us that it will run out. On the contrary, if the Japanese do it right, they could continue riding the crest of the wave for a long, long time.

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