Western Digital Expands Three Business Hard Drive Ranges with 22TB Drives

WesternDigital has announced the availability of hard drives with a capacity of 22 TB in three of its ranges: WD Gold, designed for customers of the data center or IT channel; WD Red Pro, for network attached storage (NAS) solutions; and WD Purple Pro, which are used in video surveillance and intelligent video systems.

These units incorporate OptiNAND, Power Assisted PMR (aPMR), Triple Stage Actuator (TSA), or HelioSeal technology. The latter, focused on keeping consumption low, also allows these units to have a disk density of 2.2 TB per platter, which makes it possible to achieve CMR hard drives with this capacity.

Unit WD Gold 22TB CMR, intended for businesses, allows users to reduce the cost of ownership by increasing storage in the same space as other drives with less capacity. It also allows them to install smaller racks. It features OptiNAND-enabled ArmorCache technology, which combines the performance of Write Cache Mode Enabled with the data protection of Write Cache Mode Disabled (allows you to use both).

As for the disks WD Red Pro CMR 22TB from Western Digital, are designed specifically for NAS systems with up to 24 bays. In addition, they are optimized for multi-user environments and can handle high-intensity workloads in environments that have systems running continuously. As for the WD Purple Pro CMR 22TB, is aimed at enterprise customers dedicated to video surveillance as a service, who need storage designed to manage video data at scale. It works with video analysis servers and Artificial Intelligence and deep learning systems.

In addition, this unit incorporates AllFrame Artificial Intelligence technology, which supports 32 AI streams for deep learning analysis within the system, while helping to reduce the number of dropped frames. All 22TB Ultrastar CMR hard drives, as well as Western Digital’s 26TB UltraSMR drives, began shipping to select hyperscale cloud customers this past June.

Ravi Pendekanti, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, Hard Drive Division, Western Digitalhas highlighted the company’s storage units that «From the cloud to the edge, Western Digital hard drives play a vital role in storing, protecting, capturing and analyzing data that exists in almost every aspect of our digital lives. Our technology leadership and growing portfolio of industry-leading hard drives give us a tremendous opportunity to add value to our customers today and in the future.”

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