What a discount! The new iMac with M1 chip for 200 euros less

The offers for Apple computers are back, highlighting the most recent. The Refurbished iMac from 2021 Not only did it bring an aesthetic change that had been requested for years, but it also incorporated into it the powerful Apple M1 processor, a chip capable of getting the most out of the device in a tremendously efficient way and that leaves the well-known chips far behind. of Intel that assembled these teams. If you want to know more about this offer, keep reading.

What discounts do we find in this iMac 2021?

The most interesting discounts that we find at the moment are in Amazon, although being sold by Apple itself there is a full guarantee that they are new and original. They even offer the possibility of buy AppleCare + as an extended warranty during the purchase process, although you can also do it within 60 days from the same iMac. Legally you will have 2 years warranty with Apple management during the first of them and with Amazon coverage during the second.

And already entering what are their discounts, we can find that the model with 8 GB of RAM offers interesting discounts depending on its color and SSD storage capacity:

  • 256GB SSD storage:
    • Pink colour: 170 euros discount
    • Color blue: 150 euros discount
    • Green color: 131 euros discount
    • Silver color: 120 euros discount
  • 512GB SSD storage:
    • Blue, white or pink color: 200 euros discount
    • Green color: 100 euros discount

The 5 TOP features of this iMac

If you still need to convince yourself that it is a good option, we can summarize what are the five keys of this computer for which we believe it is very worthwhile:

  • Esthetic: This in the end is subjective, but the fact of having an updated design, available in several colors and with such a minimum thickness that it seems incredible that it is a computer.
  • Performance: Although obviously the most professional sector (cinema, architecture, etc.) needs more, the M1 is valid even for other professionals who seek great performance when executing any task quickly.
  • Temperature management: it incorporates fans, yes, but they are extremely quiet when they sound. If they sound, since the M1 is so efficient that it manages the temperature in an optimal way so that you never notice that it rises too much.

  • Ecosystem: Beyond macOS and all the applications and tools made available to the user, having an iMac makes things much easier if you have other Apple devices such as an iPhone. Manage your photos, documents, contacts … And even be able to copy something on your mobile and paste it instantly on your Mac as if it were magic.
  • Price: Regardless of the discounts discussed above, this is a great value for money PC that will last for many years with upgrades and no hardware issues. So if you take care of it, you will have a computer for a long time.
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