What a month! Top 9 Netflix releases in November

Believe us: you too will drop that “what a month!” when you see everything that the red N has prepared for you for the next four weeks and that we have done a containment exercise and we have only selected only the most outstanding in both series, movies and documentaries. Do you want to know what it is the best you can see on Netflix in November? So do not talk anymore. Be comfortable.

Series and documentaries for all tastes

Within the segment of TV series and documentaries is where we find a greater number of outstanding premieres. The first one today November 4thwith the arrival of the second season of Enola Holmes. It seems that the public ended up taking the point of Sherlock’s sister so much so that Netflix has been encouraged with a second season that you already have at your disposal. You will thus enjoy a new detective adventure from the hand of Millie Bobby Brown.

Next week things get very interesting. The day November 9Wednesday, you can enjoy the fifth and penultimate season of The Crown. The award-winning dramatic series returns to the small screen so that we can see how things continue to go for Queen Elizabeth II and especially for the controversial couple of Carlos and Diana. Also that day you will have the ins and outs of Fifa, where all the ups and downs of the football institution are discussed.

The day November 10 lovers of reality shows have a date with Mónica Naranjo in Love with security: destination Sardinia while those who have already seen the film The Good Nurse (The angel of Death) sure appreciate knowing that the day 11 a documentary about nurse Charles Cullen and his detection process titled The capture of killer nurse.

On November 17 we also have an important landing. And we can finally enjoy 1899, the new series from those responsible for Dark, that promises to squeeze our brains and keep us with a raised eyebrow all the time. It will be difficult for them to overcome what we saw in the aforementioned series on time travel, but we will have to give it a chance before judging, right?

One day later, teenagers (and not so teenagers) have at their disposal a new season (the sixth!) of Elite. Once again the students of Las Encinas and their revolutionized hormones will have you glued to the screen as they go from party to party.

The last series that we also have to highlight yes or yes is Wednesday. Jenna Ortega puts herself in the shoes of the Addams’ daughter so that we can have a good time with Tim Burton.

the movie of the month

We couldn’t stop closing this month’s recommended list without telling you about The Prodigy. This Irish film, directed by Sebastián Lelio and with Florence Pugh as the protagonist, transports us to a corner of Ireland in 1862 when a girl seems to remain healthy and in good condition despite having stopped eating for months. English nurse Lib Wright (Pugh) will be brought to town for observation. The criticism received has been very good, highlighting that it is Lelio’s best film and one of the most memorable performances of the protagonist.

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