What Apple pays by handing over your used Watch when buying a new one

This is how Trade In works for the Apple Watch

As we said before, “Trade In” is the name officially given to the program through which Apple offers you the possibility of delivering an old device in exchange for a discount on the new one you are going to buy. In the following sections we will tell you more about it.

What exactly is this program?

It works the same as other devices such as Macs or iPhones. Because yes, this program is not limited only to the watches of the apple company but also to other equipment that it sells. Although we could vulgarly say that “Apple buys your old Watch”, technically this is not the case, since you cannot just sell it to them and get cash in exchange.

apple trade in

What it really does is deduct money from your purchase, being an amount associated with the value that Apple considers that your watch now has. This program is only valid with the purchase of an Apple Watch that the company has for sale in its physical stores or online. And be careful, only there, since despite finding us other authorized establishments for the sale of Apple Watch, this program can only be accessed in company stores.

Steps to get the discount

As we said before, this process can be carried out in official stores of the physical company or online, so the process is a little different in each case due to the particularities that you have to buy in one way or another.

  • In online store (web or app): you must select the new watch you want to buy and once you have chosen settings such as size, color or connectivity, you will see that there is a section called “Add renewal”. At that moment you should click “Start” and follow the steps that are indicated. You will be asked for the exact model of your old watch, as well as the serial number. Once everything is done, the purchase is finished as if it were one more. It must be said that the discount will not become official until Apple has been able to assess it, so you will be charged the full amount of the new Watch and then they will issue you a subscription with the amount corresponding to the discount.
  • Physical Apple Store: You simply have to mention to the specialist who attends you that you want to deliver your used Apple Watch to obtain a discount. It is important that you carry this watch with you, as it will help them to check its status, as well as the data related to the serial number. Generally, you can deliver it at the time, unless they tell you that they should check it elsewhere and they will be in charge of taking it and letting you know when they have a valuation.

How you should deliver the smartwatch

Although they will not prevent you if you want to deliver it in its original box and even attach the user guides and even the charger, the truth is that it is not mandatory and in fact this will not make the discount greater. Apple only wants to receive the watch, so if you go to a store you simply have to deliver it without further ado.

Apple Watch Sales

In the event that it is in an online purchase, Apple will put at your disposal a courier service that will normally give you a box in which to safely store the watch and send it to the corresponding warehouses of the company where a specialist will assess whether the watch meets the requirements and they will be able to confirm the discount previously offered.

What if you should do anyways is to have the clock completely unlinked from your iPhone, as well as having it removed from your list of devices. In case you do it in store, they will remind you at the time, but if you do it online they will have no way to erase the data despite having your consent, since you must be the one who does it.

The price that Apple puts on used Watch

The most important and probably most interesting to you in this article is how much Apple rates each of its watches. It must be said first that the most recent ones do not work. Currently the ‘Series 6’ and ‘SE’ are not supported in the program. Neither do older models like the original Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Series 1.

Value of each generation of the watch

Here is a list of the maximum discounts that Apple will offer you for each generation of watch. We emphasize the maximum because it is not a fixed price, since they will be able to offer you less and in no case a greater amount. All this based on the official information of the company at the time of publishing this article:

  • Apple Watch Series 2: up to 30 euros
  • Apple Watch Series 3: up to 45 euros
  • Apple Watch Series 4: up to 95 euros
  • Apple Watch Series 5: up to 185 euros

Apple Watch S6

Factors that cause the price to drop

As we mentioned before, the price is not closed and in the end there are some circumstances why the final discount could vary and even not offer you any discount. In the latter case, Apple offers the possibility of recycling it as with the aforementioned original models and the Series 1. These are the main evaluations they make:

  • Let the Apple Watch turn on
  • That can load without difficulty
  • If it has scratches or some other mark of use
  • Clock construction materials
  • Connectivity type (GPS or GPS + Cellular)

What does Apple do next with the device?

Although the company certainly reserves to officially offer this information, different possibilities can be intuited. One of them is the use of parts that remain useful in the case of defective Apple Watch, while if they are in good condition in most cases they are used as Refurbished Apple Watch.

The latter are not officially sold in the company, but they are used to deliver to users who come with some type of irreparable failure in their watches. What is done in most of these cases is to offer the customer the possibility of taking a reconditioned Apple Watch with the same characteristics as the one that is being repaired, having passed through demanding functional tests in order to certify that its operation is adequate. .

Advantages and disadvantages of this program

Although it is likely that you already reached this conclusion by reading this post, we confirm it: it is usually more profitable to sell it second hand and it is enough to observe the prices that are handled by Apple Watch of this type between individuals to see that the discounts offered by Apple remain scarce. It is even possible that a specialized store may offer a little more money.

Now, the Trade In program may be fine if you want immediacy, since in the end this is a very fast process that frees you from having to publish ads and negotiate. Also if you have some urgency to get the money, since despite not giving it to you in cash, in the end they are discounting it from the new one. In any case, it is still another option at your disposal.

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