What Apple TV + series are not in Spanish?

Surely you already know that all Apple TV + content comes with subtitles in a multitude of languages, including Spanish. Although if you are not very fluent in English or you do not like to be reading the screen, the contents dubbed into Spanish will be your preference. Well, is there an Apple series, program or movie that is not in Spanish?

The first thing you should know in this regard is that all series and movies are dubbed into Spanish from Spain, despite some inconvenience like the one we will tell later. Where it is usually less common is in some programs and documentaries on the platform. We will tell you all about it below so that you know in advance what is available in our language and what is not.

The problem with Invasion and Ted Lasso

We are not lying when we say that all the series on the platform are in Spanish, although in these two in particular there is a small problem that, at least at the time of publishing this post, remains unsolved. And it is that chapter 2 of Invasion and 8 of the second season of Ted Lasso do not appear with Castilian dubbing on all devices.

Interestingly, if you try to watch one of those episodes on a Mac, they do appear with that dubbing and many others. However on tvOS, iOS and iPadOS there may be problems finding this dubbing. Many users have complained about this problem and we attest that Apple has been informed of it, so it is possible that it could be solved soon.

Programs that are not dubbed into Spanish

Unfortunately, most Apple TV + programs, documentaries and documentary series do not have Spanish dubbing. In fact they have few dubbing, keeping almost all the original language (English). Yes, there are some exceptions that if they have dubbing in Spanish, like these:

  • 1971: The year music changed everything
  • Microworlds
  • Night Planet: full color
  • Queen of elephants
  • The Velvet Underground
  • Who is Carlitos?

Therefore, all these are what do not offer dubbing to our language, although if subtitles:

  • 9/11: this is how the White House lived
  • Becoming You
  • Billy Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry
  • Boys State
  • Brush Springsteen: Letter To You
  • Letter to …
  • Avant-garde houses
  • The year the world changed
  • The Art of Sound with Mark Ronson
  • Oprah’s Reading Club
  • The Code of Excellence
  • The World on a Motorcycle: Rumbo Norte (Long Way Up)
  • The Problem with Jon Stewart
  • Fathom: deciphering the depths
  • Fireball: Visitors from Dark Worlds
  • The History of the Beasty Boys
  • Oprah’s interview
  • What you don’t see of me
  • Oprah talks about COVID-19
  • Padrazos
  • A magical Christmas with Mariah Carey

Will those shows ever be dubbed?

Unfortunately we do not have an official answer to this question, nor are the exact reasons why they have not received startup dubbing. If we trust the intuition and the history of the platform, we can say that probably not never have dubbing. In some cases, the situation has arisen that initially they do not come doubled and that after weeks they already have it integrated, but in view of the fact that many of these programs have been on the platform for a long time, it seems difficult for us to imagine that they can reach be bent some day.

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