What are developers most important to when looking for a job or receiving an offer?

Today, more than three-quarters of software developers are looking for a new job or are open to new opportunities. And according to a Stack Overflow survey of more than 500 developers the salary is, to the surprise of very few, the determining factor when making the decision to accept a new position job or change jobs.

25% percent of developers are actively looking for a new job opportunity, while 54% are not actively looking for it but are open to new opportunities that may arise.

When looking for a new position, 65% of developers value salary as the most important factor in deciding. In second place, although at a considerable distance, as a factor to assess accepting a position is work with new technologies (39% of cases), followed by a better balance between life and work (36%) and opportunities for growth or leadership (36%).

53% of developers surveyed said they wanted the developer experience to be a priority at work. Salary transparency is important for 41%, while opportunities to learn from people on teams other than their own carry a lot of weight for 40%.

When it comes to the recruitment process, the technological level of the organization plays a decisive role in whether a developer accepts or rejects a position. In addition to receiving a better offer from another company, the main reason that developers leave a selection process halfway is that they do not like the technological level of the company.

Other reasons for developers to decline an offer include a poorly organized selection process (24%), strange interview questions (24%), poor employer ratings (24%), and not being able to find enough information on how to do business. works in the company (22%).

To stick with their current employer, developers are more tempted by more flexibility than a salary increase. In fact, according to this survey, a 65% of respondents prioritize flexibility in terms of working hours and remote work to continue in his position. 59% value the salary and 56% the opportunities to learn. The same would leave a position if they were subject to following a certain schedule, and half say they do not find attractive to companies that force them to work from an office.

According David Gibson, Data Analyst at Stack OverflowAs the competition for software professionals is intensifying, developers who cannot find the opportunities for growth and flexibility they seek in their current roles will look elsewhere: «With some 70,000 technical positions currently open, and 20% of developers actively looking for new work, we don’t see the talent wars going down anytime soon. And we hope that other technical positions will follow the same path«.

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