What are Taggers? People who make money watching Netflix

What does a Tagger do?

It is more than likely that this of the Taggers generates some kind of curiosity or interest. But we already anticipate that it is not an easy or accessible position for everyone.

The Taggers, as we have already mentioned a little above, are also known as «Netflix taggers«. In the end, they are people whose job is to see the movies and series that are included in the service of the big red N, and then place them tags, categorize them, and add metadata to them with more information. Actually, its work serves so that the algorithms of recommendations that, when you finish watching certain content on Netflix, show you some other that may be interesting to you.

As some taggers have already commented in interviews, this work makes them have to do more than 20 hours of content on Netflix per week. Once the series or movie is finished, this is when they add that information and labels. In this way, in addition to showing us recommended series or movies that hit your recommendation, it will also be important so that the content is categorized correctly. Imagine you were seeing The Money Heist on Netflix and, at the end, the platform recommends you watch a documentary on minimalism, would this make any sense? Well, this is where the true objective of the Taggers is seen.

But of course, not everyone is valid or qualified to perform this job that, a priori, seems so good and entertaining.

How to work from Tagger?


If you want to work as a Tagger for Netflix, there are different things that you should take into account when carrying out the process. For apply to be a tagger, you only have to:

  • Access the section Netflix Jobs from its official website.
  • Once here, click on the “Search Jobs” menu in the upper right corner of your screen to get to all the job offers available in the company.
  • Within this list you can manually search for the position of “Editorial Analyst” or “Editorial Analyst” in English.

That’s how “simple” it is to present your bacchante for this type of job. But of course, as we told you before, not everyone is suitable for it. Between the requirements that Netflix puts for this position you will have to:

  • Have the ability to synthesize.
  • Being able to discern between different nuances within each genre of film or series.
  • Possess more than 5 years of experience in the film and / or television industry.

With respect to salary, as has already been leaked on several occasions, the Taggers have a confidentiality clause in their contract that prohibits them from revealing different aspects, among which is what they charge. But, according to some sources, the approximate salary that a Netflix tagger could have would be around the US $ 72,000 year.

Netflix, as a company, has preferred not to make any kind of comment on the matter whenever it has been asked about the subject. But of course, it is normal for people to be scandalized that someone can charge that amount of money to watch series and movies. In the end, it is a job to which you have to dedicate a certain amount of hours and, as we have already seen, for which you have to have a certain skill and experience to do it well.

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