What are Team Liquid’s best gaming peripherals?

The other day we were talking about the business relationship between Alienware, Dell’s gaming brand, and Team Liquid. In this case we are going to talk about the peripherals related to this popular Dutch eSports team. Are the peripherals of Team Liquid worth it or, on the contrary, are they better to ignore? Let’s find out.

Having a brand that is recognizable by the public has enormous value, let’s not forget a certain Cupertino brand that just by putting the logo on everything it does, generates millions in revenue. Neither are brands like Disney and its multitude of franchises that can multiply the price of a product just by using one of its franchises. Under this paradigm, it is normal for eSports teams, which are totally popular, to finance themselves through the sale of merchandising and accessories once they have reached a certain point of popularity.

Being a team related to professional and competitive gaming on PC, it is normal that among the peripherals of Team Liquid there are peripherals. We know that there is an agreement with Alienware for the sale of computers and some peripherals such as keyboards, mice and even monitors. Let’s not forget that Team Liquid does not really sell its own hardware, it is Dell that, through a commercial agreement with the team, associates its products with the eSports team.

What PC peripherals are there from Team Liquid?

We are going to highlight, therefore, those that are not related to Dell, and we are going to focus on those that directly carry their brand. And of the entire collection of accessories that they have, we find only two and that are not really PC peripherals, but that are the type of product that we have dealt with more than once in HardZone.

Team Liquid Titan Evo 2022 Chair by Secret Labs

Team Liquid Peripherals Chair

The first of the Team Liquid peripherals to highlight is a version of the Secret Lab gaming chair, the Titan Evo 2022, which is placed above the competition and honestly, this is subjective, whoever writes this likes it much more the layout of this version than the standard layout. And what does it offer us? Well, taking into account that it costs 500 euros on average, we have to be demanding and not stay with what a simple chair of this type offers. Although in summary:

  • It uses SoftWave Plus material, which has great durability while remaining soft and cozy.
  • Comfortable armrests where we can adjust them diagonally, to the sides, forwards, backwards and in height.
  • Lumbar support and pillow magnetic foam to rest the cervicals.
  • The most important feature is that it is resistant, its base is made of metal and this allows it to support up to 180 kilos of weight.

It is a high quality chair and ideal for large people, it is not a bad product and it is above average. It is appreciated that the first of Team Liquid’s peripherals is not a poor quality product with its logo printed on it.

SecretLab MAGPAD

MagPad Team Liquid

The other accessory to be highlighted with the Team Liquid brand also comes from the people at Secretlab, it is a magnetic leatherette surface for metal tables. Which without the brand is sold for 20 euros less than with it. That is, for the logo of the eSports team on the surface of our desk we are going to pay 100 euros, while for the same peripheral without any associated brand, 80. Therefore, it is a peripheral that we recommend in its standard version, since that a simple logo does not justify 20 euros more, unless you are a big fan of the team, but that is already more to everyone’s taste.

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