What are the accessories and peripherals used by Team Liquid in 2022?

One of the teams that aspires to everything this year is undoubtedly Team Liquid. We already talked about the signings they have made for this 2022 in LOL, but something similar happens in CS:GO, Valorant or DOTA 2 for example. Although the players are different and specialized in each game, what unites them is a series of products that will be used by all of them. These are the main Team Liquid peripherals and accessories to win.

Two brands will sponsor Team Liquid and supply hardware for this 2022, or so it has been leaked. These brands are known by their players since they have been linked to the team for years and how they work in symbiosis together, they will continue hand in hand with high-end products to once again achieve the best possible results and try to be champions in each tournament. HyperX and SecretLabs are two of them, both of which have peripherals and accessories exclusively for Team Liquid.

Cloud Stinger S

The first of these is the well-known Cloud Stinger S, which seems to be chosen by most gamers as their preferred gaming headset. This choice is surprising for several reasons, especially for one of them, and it is nothing more than the 7.1 virtual surround sound.

Normally, professional players prefer a positional quality stereo sound more than a virtual 7.1, and since the real 7.1 does not seem to be liked either because it is too informative, it is curious that Team Liquid is going to stockpile this model. We do not know if they will use virtual sound or use stereo because it has seemed more appropriate, but in either case they will have 50 mm drivers and extreme comfort thanks to the 90º turn they include.


Team Liquid has its own custom gaming chair with its specific theme, but the normal model will be used by its players in all tournaments. This refresh of a model as mythical as this one has as a key feature the comfort and a better degree of personalization of the chair.

The seat is ergonomic and has a patented material called pebble, which is mixed with a house fabric called softweave plus. As if that were not enough, the skin is hybrid and synthetic thanks to the NEO fabric, also manufactured by SecretLab. Of course it maintains the adjustable lumbar support with 4 directions, metallic 4D armrest with replacement system, magnetic headrest with viscoelastic foam, cold foam and polyurethane wheels among other things.

Another advantage is the fact that it is available in three sizes, so players will be like in an armchair thanks to the adaptability that this entails. Thus, they will have the size Small with 169cm And till 90kgregular with 189cm And till 100kg and XL with up to 205cm Y 180kg of total weight.

At the moment this is what has been leaked as peripherals and accessories for Team Liquid, many more need to be known such as keyboard, mouse and monitor, but it is a solid base to be able to compete for everything in any of the titles and tournaments this year.

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