What are the best-selling funkos in history?

However, some time ago they made headlines because the launch of a funko It was so successful that some information gave it the best-selling in history.

But nevertheless, that information was wrong. Let’s see what happened and who is really the greatest best seller of the funkos.

Baby Yoda, the best-selling pre-sale (but not in history)

It was inevitable, Baby yoda and his powers jedi they had to show up around here.

At the end of 2019 it was announced that there would be a figure of this character. On February 2, 2020, Funko put on pre-sale his first doll of the Baby yoda from the Disney + series The Mandalorian. The starting gun was given with this tweet and madness was unleashed.

In a very short time, pre-sales skyrocketed and it was one of the brand’s biggest hits. So much so that they officially announced that the figure of Baby yoda It is the best-selling in the history of Funko Pop FOR PRE-SALE.

We have capitalized the “in presale”, because here comes the error that you can find sometimes when you look for the data. Indeed, the first figure funko Baby Yoda is the most pre-purchased in history, but not the most purchased in total.

Some media spread the news and ignored this nuance, giving the erroneous fact that Grogu (which is what the charming little guy is actually called) was the funko most successful of all time. In fact, as of this writing, even Google highlights this confusion if you ask and read the answer big and don’t get the full story.

And as this misinformation spread like wildfire, the president of funko came out to clarify the issue.

Baby Groot, the record in the history of the brand

Baby Groot and his bestselling eyes

Even though the powers jedi from Baby yoda they raised him like him funko the most anticipated, the greatest number of sales in history, according to own brand funko, belongs to another baby, in this case, Baby groot, from the Marvel movie Guardians of the galaxy.

I think we all remember the scene that captured the hearts of half the world. At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy In 2014, Groot, the bodyguard of Rocket raccoon, heroically sacrifices and, for the first time, he says something other than “I am Groot,” in this case, “We are all Groot.”

Half the world took the tissues and then jumped for joy to see that in the Marvel movies the death of a character has no real significance. Thus was born Baby groot and the fever was unleashed by the funko they did to commemorate this event.

Undoubtedly, much of the distance in sales that it takes Baby groot to Baby yoda comes from the fact that he has a five year head start. Either way, Groot follow leader.

After that, and exploiting the reef, both one and the other doll have seen several versions in form of funko. The most expensive Groot in the store right now (about 120 euros) is the large 46-centimeter with a pot and the ability to dance, as in the scene that we have put you above this paragraph.

Besides that, there is probably no other funko that the podium is going to be taken away from the creatures for the moment. The reason is that, being the two best-selling dolls in history, the company continues to manufacture them and put them on the shelves all the time, so even though they tend to be out of stock sometimes, if you wait a bit they’re not especially difficult (or expensive) to find.

One might think that funkos best sellers of all time are also the most valuable, but nothing further, so you better not rack up a lot of baby Groots thinking they are bitcoins.

That honor belongs to others funkos much more unknown, whose series were limited and new units have not come out.

The best-selling funkos in stores

They don’t stop going out funkos constantly, adapting the new movies and series of the moment. That is why the funkos Best sellers in stores also coincide with some of the hottest series and movies right now. Therefore, if we go through the different stores, it is not unusual to find that, right now, these are the funkos Best sellers.

1. Nairobi, from La Casa de Papel

Little joke with the boss of the best known gang of robbers on television. The pull of The Money Heist is undeniable throughout the world and a good sign of this is that Nairobi is the funko best seller as of this writing.

2. The Flying Controller of The Mandalorian

We would not be surprised if, sooner or later, Grogu overtakes Groot, because the funkos from the series The Mandalorian they are always among the best sellers. Right now, it’s about this flying version of Mando with Baby yoda in arms.

3. Spider-Man No Way Home

Marvel asserts its power and Spider-Man: No Way Home is going to bust it at the box office. Meanwhile, the one who busts it now is his funko in black and gold suit.

4. Boba Fett, The Mandalorian

The series of Star wars repeats with one of its most legendary characters. The most dangerous bounty hunter in the galaxy sneaks in as another best seller.

5. The Professor from La Casa de Papel and Spider-Man with Ā«Integrated SuitĀ»

In fifth place, a tough fight, again The Money Heist against Spider-Man: No Way Home. In this case, we have the funko of Teacher, the leader of the band, against Peter Parker with the so-called “integrated suit” with which we will see him in his new film.

As you can see, the theme of funkos best-selling in history has crumb. And it is important not to be confused of babies, because at the moment, Groot’s regeneration powers still outweigh the powers jedi of Grogu.

ANDThis article contains affiliate links. If you buy some of what is here, The Output could take a small commission. However, nothing we have included has been due to pressure or influence from brands or stores. It is the reliable data of the best-selling funkos.

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