What are the best-selling games in the Counter Strike franchise?

Although we are currently at a point in the video game market where you lift one stone and five come out shooter In first person, few titles are capable of lasting more than two active decades and with hundreds of thousands of players every day. Well, Valve has achieved it based on a lot of effort and updates from a certain Counter Strike. Do you know him?

The Global Offensive has begun

Counter Strike was released for the first time in 2005, that is, practically two decades ago, and since then it has been a multiplayer phenomenon with that concept being practically unknown and few were the releases that dared to focus its development almost 100%. % online. It is because of that success, and to celebrate that very soon we will have in our hands Counter Strike Global Offensive 2 that we have decided to create this top that tells us how much each delivery has sold and what position it occupies within the ranking.

With nothing more to add, let’s start this select list of the (already) mythical counterstrike.

5. Counter-Strike (2005)

The franchise’s first attempt to escape from PC and enter the home console market. Although it was developed by another studio and did not achieve the expected critical success, that does not make it a less enjoyable game. For many it is a classic from their childhood and achieved sales of approximately 1.5 million units Worldwide.

4. Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Although many believe that what to do remakes gaming is a thing nowadays, nothing could be further from the truth. And this is a practice that has been done for decades. This game is a face wash of the first title to which they added some extras. These made it manage to sell 2.9 million units Worldwide.


There is nothing more satisfying than talking about the one who started it all. The first title, released in the distant year 2000. Although seen in comparison with the most current titles in the franchise it looks somewhat outdated, it should not be detracted from, since it laid the foundations of what would become one of the dynasties major multiplayer. this first game it sold 4.2 million copies.

2. Counter-Strike: Source

A trend that we can see in this franchise is that, in essence, the continuations of the original that have had their façade washed down a bit have polished the gameplay a bit and added a few extra things. Not counting first place, this was the one that achieved the most success with 15 million units. Transforming to accommodate Valve’s Source graphics engine was a wise move.

1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

And as first place there could be no other than one of the most popular games of the moment that has almost a decade behind it. With a legion of devoted fans who pray to Gabe Newell like a Messiah, he is one of the pioneers of the current eSports fever we live in. For all these reasons has managed to sell more than 40 million units Worldwide. And that is outrageous.

And you? Have you ever played any title in the saga?

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