What are the critics saying about the spin-off?

Is the new Hulu series as legendary…wait for more… daire than the original series? Check out early reviews for the How I Met Your Mother spin-off.

In 2005, when Friends left a gaping place in the hearts of sitcom lovers, another series of the genre appeared on CBS. A new group of friends led by Ted, in search of true love in the city of New York. Alongside his friends Lily, Marshall, Robin and especially Barney, the 27-year-old architect multiplies failed appointments until he falls under the spell of a young journalist, who quickly becomes a full member of the group.

After 9 seasons to follow the tribulations of these young thirties, the series of Carter Bays and Craig Thomas ended with bitterness, the conclusion having failed to pay tribute to the journey initiated nearly a decade earlier. However, How I Met Your Mother Today it still holds a special place in the hearts of spectators, for whom it represents the ultimate comforter in case of depression. A reputation that has not escaped Hulu, which has therefore decided to offer it a spin-off, with new plots and new characters.

In How I Met Your Father, we thus find Sophie who, like Ted, tells her children about the meeting with their father. Camped by Hilary Duff, the main character also has his small group of friends, played by Josh Peck (Turner & Hooch), Chris Lowell (Veronica Mars) and Francia Raisa (Grown-ish).

Not as good as the original?

Launched on January 18, did the new Hulu series seduce American critics? A priori no, since it only obtains 33% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, compared to 84% for the parent series. For The New York Post : “How I Met Your Father is hampered by its own tenuous and unnecessarily confusing connection to the original series. The only connection between the two seems to be the ‘brand recognition’ of his name and the long flashback premise.”

For The Hollywood Reporterthe verdict is not more laudatory. “If old episodes of HIMYM feel like comfort food in 2022, HIMYF feels less like an updated recipe and more like a prepared dish. It’s good enough to pass in a pinch, but not good enough to surpass the original. The most obvious benefit of the new series is Duff, who seems born to be a romantic comedy queen.”

variety goes even further, by qualifying the series “a bizarre exercise in recycling modern-day nostalgia, without finding a way to be truly modern.”

As you could imagine, the return of the universe to our screens will probably not make us forget the absence of Ted, Robin, Lily, Marshall and Barney. The fact remains that only 4 episodes were presented to the press and that How I Met Your Father still has time to improve on its journey. Unless the American channels finally come to the conclusion that fans don’t really like having their favorite works touched.

No distribution in France

For now, How I Met Your Father is not available in France. The series being a Hulu exclusive, we can nevertheless hope that it will be added to the Disney + catalog in the coming months, as was the case for the excellent Only Murders in The Building and dopesick. We will nevertheless have to be patient since Disney + has not announced anything that goes in this direction for the moment.

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