What are the differences between the first and second generation AirPods Pro?

Are you sure they have been changed?

The first feeling one has when seeing the second generation AirPods Pro is that nothing has changed and therefore all the new features that have been included are right under those white cases. The headphones and the case remain as is, surely with very small variations they are barely noticeable. So if you already have the first model and you are very guided by what will they sayyou do not need to buy them because no one will know what model you are wearing in your ears.

Now, if we look inside and we do find substantial differences, as is the presence of a new chip, the H2, that improves the musical experience by allowing, according to Apple itself, a higher sound quality. Logically, we will have to check that, like the evolution of spatial audio, which also announces that “it surrounds you in an immersive experience that takes you to another dimension.” Of course, to make them a little more comfortable for everyone, they have added an extra pad to the three that already came with the first model.

Precisely the active noise cancellation, an exclusive feature of this range and the AirPods Max, has been improved to be even more efficient and prevent us from hearing anything from the outside when we have it on since, according to Apple, that improvement will be just double. Precisely, that H2 chip also plays an important role at this point and promises levels of effectiveness and connection speed with our older devices compared to the first generation AirPods Pro.

Swipe don’t tap

AirPods in general have always been headphones with lousy handling where it is not possible in many cases to control playback at all, not even raise or lower the volume without having to go to the iPhone. Now, unlike the first generation, the touch surfaces will recognize some more gesture so we can raise or lower the music sliding your finger along the bottom of the earcups. We cannot say that it is an innovation, but it is welcome at least.

The original AirPods Pro arrived with IPX4 certification, that is, they were resistant to liquid splashes. As well, this second generation remains at that same level and still does not offer complete protection as do other models of the competition. Even so, now the charging case of these new AirPods Pro takes a little more prominence.

Effectively, the total charge of the case increases up to 30 hours and 6 per headset and charging. Remember that the previous generation had about 4.5 hours of autonomy, so we have gained practically 33% more. In addition, the helmet container now has a small speaker that emits sounds with each action we carry out: when we connect them to charge or when we want to know where they are, they can emit a recognizable acoustic signal that facilitates their location.

Finally, we will have two versions of this case: the normal one compatible with wireless charging and the one specially designed for MagSafe that the first generation of these new AirPods Pro did not have, which you can reserve at a price of 299 euros from September 9 and receive them at home on the 23rd.

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