What are the most common attitudes of Spanish workers?

In the post-covid socio-labor framework, InfoJobs has presented the analysis of «The attitudinal profiles of workers in Spain ». The study aims to make known the different personality traits of the profiles that make up the current job market, attending mainly to two axes: the motivational level of work present by the professional and the perspective of the working world that they have. From these axes, InfoJobs defines four employee profiles different: the vocational, the conservative, the accommodated or the nonconformist.

In short, this analysis constitutes a new way of approaching the Spanish labor market, with the aim of observing, over time, the evolution of these profiles, in relation to the changes and challenges that we are experiencing in the workplace. Thus, on this occasion, to give these profiles greater depth, the study introduces variables such as training -the upskilling and reskilling-, teleworking and his vision of the office as a place of work performance.

Conservative (34%)

It is the majority profile among workers in Spain. Likes work autonomously (53%), without having to depend on or share their work with other people, and feel comfortable in a traditional company (52%) that provides transparency and security, where the position of the employee and the manager is clear. In addition, he thinks that he does not need to continue training me today (47%), since his current knowledge is enough for him. Finally, they prefer to live calmly and securely with respect to their work (49%), even if this means not reaching the top.

The conservative is a middle-age profile (between 25 and 54 years old), with basic training levels, who works in very diverse sectors, especially primary, secondary and tertiary (agriculture, transport, construction, supply services or waste management …) .

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Vocational (29%)

It is the second profile with the highest percentage of workers in Spain. They claim to be constantly training (88%) and recycling their knowledge (reskilling). In his work he is a proactive person (83%), who likes to propose ideas and face the challenges that arise. For these profiles, work is their passion (73%) and a form of professional development and personal growth (70%). Finally, they are clear about their professional goals and what they aspire to (69%), and they are willing to make an effort, work hard and train to achieve it.

Vocational is a segment that focuses on ages 35 to 54, with high levels of education and widely digitized, who are especially dedicated to professional, scientific or health activities, education or information and communications.

Well-off (20%)

This profile is not willing to move due to a job change, unless it is strictly necessary (82%). They like job stability and working in a company for the time necessary to specialize and feel comfortable (74%). For the well-off, the most important thing is that the company provides a contractual stability and salary (59%).

They see work as a way to earn money (53%), a way of life, and also prefer to live calmly and securely, even if they do not reach the top (50%). In short, work does not motivate them especially (42%), but rather it is an obligation that allows them to earn money to dedicate themselves to what really interests them.

Nonconformist (17%)

It is the most atypical profile among workers in Spain. He likes to stay up-to-date with digitization, which means that he is totally comfortable working with digital tools. At the same time, you are constantly training and recycling your knowledge.

Work does not particularly motivate you: it is an obligation that allows you to earn money to dedicate yourself later to what really interests you. It opts for companies that are committed to talent, that offer challenging projects and that work on continuous improvement and continued professional growth. Finally, you are willing to change city, autonomous community or even country if you have a good job opportunity.

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