What are you waiting for? Kindle Unlimited gives away 3 months free for Prime customers

The Kindle family continues to grow, both in the books part and in the readers part, which maintains its tireless path of evolution month after month. And if not, look at the latest model announced by Jeff Bezos, who make the leap to the notebook concept with a pen that lets us write on the screen whatever comes to mind. Including notes on the pages of the novels we read. Your name? Kindle Write.

Free bar of books

Kindle Unlimited is a service that went live in the US about eight years ago and started from a very simple approach: replicate the library model of all the life in which we registered, we paid an amount of money every month (or annually) and in exchange we could access the entire catalog of novels, biographies, essays, etc. Here, the difference is that you do not have to wait for them to return Troy Horseby JJ Benítez, but since they are digital items, they can be obtained by the millions and at the same time without any problem.

The fact is that this service that we have available in Spain has just launched an irresistible offer for all those users who have a Kindle as an electronic book reader since simply by being a Prime user, they can get three free months of access to that huge repository of references. And when we talk about available titles, we are doing it from a figure that Americans say reaches one million.

Obviously within that huge catalog there are not only the releases that we can circumscribe to the scope of Spain and Spanish, but also other languages ​​such as English, above all, where we will have some editorial novelties that will still take time to reach our country. So if you hold your own in the language of Dickens, surely you won’t have a better chance to read and read non-stop, for free, at least until January 12, 2023.

The reason for that date is very simple: We will only have until October 12, 2022 to activate those three free months so from January 13 the period without charges will become a monthly subscription of 9.99 euros. Needless to say, in case during the three months free If you think about it and you don’t want to continue with the service beyond 90 days, you can cancel it free of charge from the control panel of your Amazon account.

Take books and return them

As we told you before, Kindle Unlimited works like the library from the neighborhood, which allowed us to take a maximum of books at a time. In this case there are five, so in the hypothetical scenario that you want to read a sixth, before adding it to your collection you will have to return one of the ones you keep in the Kindle library.

Kindle Unlimited offer.

Of course, do not be afraid because the information of where you are reading as well as the notes or underlines that you make will remain as information within your account and, in the event that you pick it up again in the future, you will not have lost any of your progress.

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