What can a small business use 5G for?

We have been reporting for some time that The 5G network is one of the great advances of this century. and that will enable the development of new innovations and services in companies and homes. This year, 5G is also expected to grow unstoppably, as the technology is becoming standardized and affordable. Here comes the scene fixed wireless access (FWA) which will be one of its drivers.

According to MarketsandMarkets, by 2023, the global 5G FWA market will reach $29.4 billion, and by 2028, $153 billion, with an annual growth of 39%. Likewise, the number of companies that will use this technology will reach 10% in 2025, according to Gartner.

Why is the use of 5G FWA? Basically, due to its ability to offer high-speed broadband and support intense services. This makes it very popular, not only for businesses, but also for households in rural and suburban areas. Its scalability and profitability make it a very secure solution also for temporary installations.

Main uses of the FWA for this year

In 2023, these will be the main projects in which 5G technology will stand out:

1 – Main broadband link

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The 5G FWA can be used as primary broadband access for those users who cannot access a secure and cost-effective network. This happens in rural and suburban areas, Like vacation homes. It is very common in the Nordic countries, where they have adopted 5G as common and affordable. At the enterprise level, the reach is even greater, supporting factories, warehouses and even cruise ships.

An example of this is the smart factory, where FWA and mMTC communications are used. This set of technologies provide multiple benefits, especially related to improvements in the quality of the Internet connection, which is very necessary for robotics and process automation. All of this allows for more accurate manufacturing, with fewer errors, with workers on the production line able to do quality inspections, using VR and AR.

Another benefit is the asset Tracking, saving on wiring for vehicles, which are guided automatically and further improving the use of autonomous mobile robots.

The use of 5G through FWA can also be a game changer for companies located in small or remote areas, that handle large volumes and do not have other connection alternatives. For example, oil and gas production platforms or rural branches, where traditional broadband solutions using copper already fall short.

2- Backup line

When the main Internet link fails, businesses cannot afford online traffic interruptions, especially those that handle critical information, be it for transactions, inventory management, etc. Having a second reliable connection can make all the difference between losing or not a lot of money.

Increasingly, 5G FWA technology is becoming popular as that secondary connection, becoming a failover network, should wired connectivity fail. Some of this growth in demand is coming from companies that have small locations and need this support (at a competitive price); For example, restaurants, cafes or retail stores. When businesses like these that normally use wired connectivity want to add high-speed wireless services to reach more customers, they opt for 5G FWA.

3 – Temporary WAN connection

For the connections and temporary implementations, 5G FWA is a very efficient and reliable solution. With its quick installation process, this technology is perfect for seasonal businesses, events, construction sites, and other such services. 5G makes WAN connections mobile and flexible, so they can be moved between different locations without losing quality.

For example, in Spain, temporary WAN links powered by 5G networks are often used in mobile offices, to check emails and orders.

Although it is true that 4G has been capable of providing services of this type, it does not respond to the need to manage applications with higher bandwidth, such as live streaming of HD videos. This has been improved with the arrival of 5G, which has changed the rules of the game. Its low latency has made it possible to broadcast these images, up to 8K, including high-density environments, such as events, concerts, etc. And all this, minimizing or completely eliminating interference.

Why use Zyxel 5G solutions?

Zyxel has prepared a wide catalog of products for 5G, How are the different models of routers. Destined both for the professional public and for entertainment services, these devices are designed for indoors, outdoors or mobile, adapting to the needs of users.

As we have said throughout this article, 5G technology is becoming more accessible and available, becoming an efficient and economical option, even for the smallest businesses. For this reason, Zyxel has developed a new family of LTE routersproviding lightning-fast speed to your customers, wherever they are.

And, it is that, it is not possible to have a good 5G broadband service if you do not have with a competitive supplier. Thus, the new NR family of routers supports both indoor, outdoor and mobile versions of the latest 5G technology. Therefore, they are indicated both for individual users (for example, a worker who travels a lot) or for businesses that want to offer optimal 5G coverage, inside a building. These would be the new models:

  • NR7101 portable router: It is especially suitable for workers on the move or on vacation, at a private level. In either case, it provides excellent 5G connectivity to multiple people, wherever there is no Wi-Fi or fixed internet line. It is installed outdoors, therefore, its appearance is robust. It is perfect for restaurants or outdoor events to provide a quality connection. It can also be installed in inaccessible places, such as on the deck of a cruise ship or on a ferry.
  • Router NR5101: it is a 5G NR indoor router on integrated Nebula Cloud platform. It is designed for small businesses that require high-performance 5G with consistent, high-quality network connectivity for their most critical digital operations.
  • Router NR7101: this model goes beyond a simple router, becoming a complete technology for a business. It can be used as part of a fixed FWA network, without the need for cables or additional infrastructure. To set 5G as the main connection is also quite useful, as well as using it as a backup and support. The model also works as a bridge to connect several devices at the same time, without risk of causing performance problems.

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