What can (and can’t) be done with an Apple Watch Series 3

Although it was released in 2017, the Apple Watch Series 3 it is still on sale officially, although at a lower price than it had at the time. In light of this, you may wonder if it is still worth it and we believe that there is no better way to find out than by telling you what this device can do and what its capabilities are. limitations regarding new models.

What you can do with this smartwacth

  • Sports monitoring: probably one of the key factors to choose an Apple Watch and is that any generation, including this Series 3, has the ability to record sports activities of all kinds.
  • Pulsation meter: Being able to know the heart rate is an extremely interesting feature both in everyday life and in sports activities, this watch having the full capacity to perform measurements.
  • Battery: It is not the Watch with the best autonomy, but it is more than enough for a day of use. And yes, it is necessary to charge it at least once a day, but in general terms it is not that it differs excessively from other later models.

  • Performance: Nor in this section is it the one that shines the most, but it was the first to incorporate decent performance compared to its predecessors, opening apps quickly and responding well to daily use.
  • Sleep log: It may not be as complete a record as that of other apps, but since watchOS 7, the Series 3 are able to keep track of our rest at night.
  • Interchangeable straps: Although their sizes of 38 and 42 mm are different on paper than the 40 and 44 of later generations, this does not prevent the same belts from being used. You can even use straps from the Series 7 41mm and 45mm models.
  • Updates: It is not known until when, but today the Series 3 continues to receive new versions of watchOS, currently going for 8. At the very least, it will continue to be updated until the middle of next year.

Features the Apple Watch Series 3 doesn’t have

  • Always On Display: In addition to having lower screen proportions than its successors, it does not have the possibility of always displaying information on the screen, being functions only available in Series 5, 6 and 7.
  • Fall detector: This is one of the differences between the Apple Watch SE and Series 3, being a key element in dangerous situations in which it is not always possible to make a call to the emergency services, the watch making it for you.
  • ECG: The possibility of making an electrocardiogram of a lead was implemented in the Series 4, therefore this model of the watch has such functionality as inaccessible.


  • Blood oxygen level: Today only the Series 6 and Series 7 have the sensors capable of acting as a heart rate monitor, so it is an interesting function that cannot be obtained in any way in the Series 3.
  • Fast charge: This functionality is exclusive to the brand new Series 7, and although the Series 6 had already improved in this section, the Series 3 is a long way off. You can see this clearly in the post in which we tell you the charging times of the Apple Watch.

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