What can you achieve by “tuning” an iPhone?

For some people, among them I understand that those responsible for how is the iPhone generation after generation, the Cupertino smartphone is the best version of itself that it can be at all times. And it is understandable that, year after year, long and deep deliberations take place to specify an endless list of points that define each and every one of the properties of the iPhone that, a few months later, will reach the points of sale and the users.

This process, which is surely also reproduced in many other technologies, It’s not as simple as it may seem. And it is that if they ask us, we will all know how to list how we would like the next iPhone to be (or the top of the range of our preference). The problem is that if we compare some of these ideal designs from different people, we will surely find important differences. Some will seek maximum performance, others will prefer a more affordable price and there will even be those who want all the features of a Pro Max in the size of a Mini. For tastes, colors.

So, going back to those meetings where the next iPhone is defined, we can imagine that many decisions are made thinking about what the majority will prefer, always adding, yes, their own strategic decisions (and yes, at this point I am clearly referring to keeping the Lightning connector instead of adopting USB-C at once). The summary is, in the end, a smartphone that satisfies the interests of many users, but does not complete all of them.

And what can you do when your iPhone doesn’t quite meet your needs? This depends, of course, on our knowledge, our free time and the willingness we have to dedicate it to improving it. This brings us to Yang Changshun, a person who combined very high scores in the previous three points, and who consequently modified an iPhone 13 Pro Max, and also posted a video on Weibo showing the entire process of modifying iPhone 13 Pro Max. your phone.

Surely you are wondering what this modification has consisted of, which some users have baptized as “Iphone 13 Pro Max Ultra”. And the name is not for less because Changshun has added a second battery that doubles the autonomy of the phone, two fans keep the SoC cooler and allow to extract greater performance from it, and to the Lightning port it has added un USB-C and an audio minijack. Spectacular, right?

As you can see, Changshun’s modification is no small feat. Had to completely disassemble the iPhone, to then add all the new components of it. A task in which the most complex part is not the assembly design with the new components, but the realization of it, since the iPhone has never stood out for being especially friendly when it comes to DIY. And of course, it goes without saying that, with an action of this type, the guarantee will have passed away.

In return, of course, right now enjoy the iPhone with the highest performance on the market. And no, I am not referring to the model, but to its specific unit. And it is that the active dissipation through the fans, causes the SoC to perform more freely, which has resulted in the terminal obtaining 870,244 points in the AnTuTu test, compared to the maximum of 715,809 that we found in unmodified units. Quite a remarkable jump.

What do you think? Would you modify your smartphone as this user has done to obtain an improvement in performance, autonomy and connectivity like this? Would you opt for external plugins to get some of those improvements? Or maybe you think that with the benefits it offers it is already enough to satisfy your needs and, consequently, you do not complicate yourself with these things?

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