What can you do on the iPad Pro 2021 and not in 2018?

One of the controversies that always revolves around the iPad is whether you can really take advantage of the incredible power that the Pro models have. Well, to see if the advances of recent years are really significant, let’s compare what users can do with the 2021 iPad Pro and 2020 iPad Pro.

More power, to do the same?

The great novelty that the iPad Pro of 2021 brought with it was the inclusion, within it, of the famous chip M1, a chip that we have seen as has completely revolutionized the range of Apple computers and we could say that the world of computers in general, since it has achieved what many manufacturers had been pursuing for years. In fact, it can be considered that in terms of quality / price ratio, Apple computers are even cheap given the benefits they are able to offer their users.

Initially it was a real joy for the potential buyers of these iPad Pro, after all they were going to be able to count on all the power that was available until now in the Macs. However, the real absence of tools to take advantage of this power has made that, in functional terms, everything remains as it was, and the things that a user of the iPad Pro of 2021 can do and not a user of an iPad Pro of 2018 are counted. Included here is the using Apple Pencil 2, official keyboards and other elements that they share, since even in design they are practically identical.

The main difference is in the screen and its cameras

We have already seen how really in terms of power, there is nothing differential, not for lack of it, but for the absence of tools that can take advantage of it. Where if we can find differences is, first of all in the screen, but only if we go to the larger 2021 iPad Pro, since this is one of the differences between the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the 11-inch iPad Pro, which is the model that has the Liquid Retina XDR display, a screen that we can say very loudly that is focused on professionals. In this regard, there is a considerable leap for users who want to use the iPad for professional photo editing.

IPad Pro 2021 cameras

On the other hand, in the 2021 iPad Pro there is a dual camera module that also has the presence of the LiDAR scanner, a feature that is not present in the iPad Pro of 2018. What really sets it apart is not the cameras, but the scanner that allows users of these iPads to work in a much more appropriate way with applications in three dimensions. Every day it becomes more important augmented realityHence, the benefit that can be taken from the iPad in this regard is considerable enough to take it into account.

Finally, you also have to take into account the compatibility of the 2021 iPad Pro with 5G, something that unfortunately, the users of the iPad Pro of 2018 do not have at their fingertips. At the moment it is not something really differential given the 5G speeds that we have in Spain, but in a few years it will undoubtedly make a difference to have a network of this type or not.

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