What capacity should you buy your new hard drive or SSD?

Today we are going to see the difference between these and how many GBs it would be recommended that you have depending on your needs.


First of all, the question that we all ask ourselves is, what is better, an SSD or an HDD?

The difference between the two is notable, but that does not mean that they are not compatible. The SSD offers us a much higher speed, and installing the operating system there, for example, will make our computer start up much faster than on a normal hard drive. As well as file transfers and other operations in which speed is important, however, we can also have a hard drive to store a lot of data at a lower cost, since the price of these is much lower than SSDs.

hard drive and ssd

In other words, if we can afford to pay the cost of having only an SSD, it will be the most recommended, but otherwise, the most common thing is to have one to install the system boot there, and another HDD to store data.

Although all this depends on your needs and use. Nor is a 128GB solid drive the same as a 2TB one. It is important to analyze how much you are going to need to see which one compensates more.

What capacity?

This is the important point. We all would like to have enough storage available at all times and paying as little as possible. That is why you have to analyze what your uses will be.

If you are a person who is going to have a computer to play, it is not the same as if you only want it for office automation. While a game like Call of Duty can weigh up to 240 GB, a word file can be 10 MB, that is, thousands of times less. Just like if you are going to edit video or want to have movies on your PC. Each one can be several GBs

hard drive hdd toshiba 20tb

Therefore, first think about what use you are going to give it and then simply do a little research on how much it occupies what you are going to use.

Remember that 1TB is 1024 GBs and that if you are going to buy an SSD you should not buy less than 128GB.

Our recommendation for any normal user would be a solid disk of that capacity to store the operating system, enough for it and at a cheap price like the one we leave you here below.

And on the other hand, having a high-capacity HDD since its cost is more affordable and we could afford a 4TB one (32 times larger than the SSD) for a relatively low price, like the following:

Although you are not a person who needs something different in particular, for less than €100 we would already have the two special hard drives and prepared for all the functions and needs of our new equipment.

Now that you know the difference between the two and indicative prices, it’s up to you to choose what best suits your budget and use.

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